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Crossing the Canadian border [and back]

July 20, 2008


My story is:

I was going to spend the nite in Fort Francis, Ontario, which is just on the other side of the Canadian border.  However, Ft Francis is equivalent to Osh Kosh.

So, I decided to keep on moving and head towards Winnipeg.

I was going to go north thru Canada, and then cut west.  However:
* I was advised NOT to drive at dusk or in darkness, due to moose
* This is a longer route

The other option to Winnipeg is to cut back thru the states [MN].
* The route is marked as scenic on my map
* This is a more direct route – cuts diagonally to Winnipeg

I decided on scenic and shorter.  That means I drive along the Canadian border for about a 1.5 hours, and then cut back thru MN.  No big deal.

Well, apparently for the border police, it is a big deal.

I got pulled over, asked a zillion questions, and my car searched very nicely, thank you.  They REALLY scrutinized any receipt I had, and also my little spiral notebook which I keep notes and things to do suggestions.

Unsure what they were looking for, but my car really looks as though someone has been hiking, camping, traveling, picnic’g for the past few weeks.  AND traveling thru an area where it is OK to have stuff in the back seat [in Baltimore and Houston I don’t keep anything in view site in my car], so I am “spread out”.

I am in Warroad, MN which is a small border town.  It has been raining all morning.  I leave soon for Winnipeg.

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