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Field and Golden, British Columbia

July 27, 2008

Today I traveled to Field and checked out the Takakkaw Falls.  Then to Golden and then to Revelstoke.

I crossed into BC as I drove to Field, BC, which is about 30 minutes from Lake Louise. 


Along the way I stopped to see the “spiral tunnels” which were made for the trains. 


The trains would go thru the tunnels and since they can’t ascent/descent on the mountain, and they can’t do “switchbacks”, spirals tracks were made so that they loop around and around as they either go up or down the mountain.  Cool concept to see a train do, but it was really tough to see any tracks with all the trees.  If fact, I couldn’t see anything and there were tons of people stopped trying to see.  Waste of time.


I then went to the Meeting Of The Rivers.  Here, the Columbia and another river come together.  One is fresh off a glacier [milky colored], and the other has traveled a distance [turquoise blue] and they come together.  I was correct that the glacier silt makes the water milky white, and when the water settles the silt settles out leaving it turquoise blue.


Then it was off to Takakkaw Falls.  It was quite the adventure getting there. 


Narrow switchbacks, twisty turning roads in the rain.  However, on the way, it looked as though I was in a rainforest – it was so lush green with trees/vegetation everywhere.  The falls are the 2nd highest falls in Canada.  Quite impressive the amount of water that one glacier can spew 24/7.  Great roar and spray.


On the way back from Takakkaw Falls there was a lookout for the spiral tunnel.  I stopped, and had the luck that a train was actually doing it.  Still couldn’t see the tracks, and couldn’t see the train too much [too many trees], but I got the gist of it. 


Pretty cool.


Stopped in the village to Field, which has a population of about 400 people.  This is a little village that looks like some place in Europe.  Couldn’t pinpoint where/what country, but totally NOT Canada/North America.  Little European looking houses, European feeling café…totally out of place…in a good way.  If you drive this way, be sure to stop in Field.


Would you believe that their transcontinental highway is a 2 lane road?


The mountains that I drove by were smaller mountains – all covered with trees.  I can see higher mountains – barren with snow off in the distance, but pretty much all that I drove by were tree covered.


I stopped at a lake to picnic.  I set up shop…just as it started to rain again.  A woman came over with a British accent and said: it always seems to rain whenever you squat to have a picnic, doesn’t it?


The drive into Golden is most impressive. Quite the road engineering feat, considering the terrain, which is spectacular. So spectacular that I decided to stop and spend the nite.  I found a B&B that is a log cabin house on a mountain with a great view.


Cute little town, Kicking Horse River runs thru it.  They have the Kicking Horse Pedestrian Bridge which was built around 6 years ago.  I was told by others visiting that there is some documentary on the making of the bridge on some educational TV channels.  They cut the wood from the area and brought in 100 …I can’t remember what they are called…but timber experts that build things just fitting the logs together [using wooden nails and such], I suppose Amish style.  The whole town pitched in to help build the bridge, feed and house the 100 people from around the world.


Since we all know that the sun sets at 10 pm.  I covered up completely – due to mosquitoes – to read outside.  The only thing not covered was my face.  And of course the mosquitoes were buzzing my ears.  So, I went to my car and got my handy dandy mosquito net “hat”, and was content.


I pick up a newspaper here and there, so went thru that.  I read some book reviews.  I read that the guy who wrote “the last lecture” passed. He taught in Pittsburgh.  Ahhh, good thoughts re Pittsburgh.  Then I read a review of a book of fictional short stories re down on their luck women who live in Winnipeg.  Ahh…yuck…Winnipeg.

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