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vancouver – somewhat change of plans

july 31, 2008


let’s just say that i don’t like where i am staying.  do NOT stay at:

due to this being a holiday weekend [for canada] and the high price for a room, i’ll only be here until saturday.

so…instead of a leisurely time here, it may be a whirlwind.  OR i may still be leisurely in my 3.5 days…and see what i can see.

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Drive to Vancouver, British Columbia

July 30, 2008

This should be short.

I forgot to mention that in Peachland, they have a bunch of docks for people to play on and jump off of [either from the dock, or ropes to swing out].  Between a couple of the docks they have a zip line.


I didn’t make it to Summerland yesterday.  I had heard that there was road construction going on, which was true.  Longgg traffic jam.  So, I thought it best to turn around and drive to Vancouver.  Per mapquest, it would be around 4.5 hours from Peachland. 


Which really means around 7 hours for me.

I don’t know where the disconnect on mapquest was, but it took me 4 hours, and I drove leisurely and took my stops.

There weren’t too many rest stops along the way, but at this one, this guy has a kiosk and he is selling homemade Indian food + sausages.  I had the veggie samosas [sp?], and they were really good – his wife made them.  The sausages looked good too.


The 1 hour drive from Peachland to Merritt was just ok. Hilly, still half arid and half green.  South of Merritt it starts getting green again.  About halfway to Vancouver, right after the $10 toll, it starts getting impressive again.  Very green and lush, and great looking tree covered mountains, as I drove thru light rain.  Hmmm…light rain = lush, green mountains.


1 hour from Vancouver, and we are back to farmland [with mountains nearby in the distance].


You know when you enter a city, on the welcome sign they state the name of the city and some slogan or something: a drug free zone…


Here in Vancouver, they state it is a “nuclear weapons free zone”.


Have only seen 1 cop car on the highway this entire time.


I have driven 5,000 miles since leaving Baltimore.  When I lived in Houston I put 3,000 miles on a year.  Less when I lived in Baltimore.

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