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Drive South from Jasper, Alberta

July 25, 2008

i am at the glacier center 1 hour south of jasper.  i had to stop becuz i was feeling as though i was in a daze and dreaming, and needed to “wake up”.


the drive south from jasper IS more spectacular than the drive north.  i know you have read all these words like: spectacular, stunning…


but this is out of the world.  off the map re adjectives [i think that’s right].


take a single beautiful mountain, with it’s formation/shape in general, the trees vs barren rock, the rock formations.  put a bunch of these together, right next to each other and then throw in a splash of turquoise river/lake water…and you have out of this world.


and it’s panoramic.  just fills up your entire view shed.  i am totally overcome.  and i have 2 more hours to go.


i have read that this drive made National Geographic’s top 10 scenic drives in the world.  on the way up?  ahhh…maybe the top 50.  on the way down.  yes.  i need to google to see if they mention driving north vs south.


this has just bumped Gaspe In October off the #1 spot on my list of beautiful places.

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