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Bad Design for Bike Storage

When we checked into our downtown Eugene motel, the desk clerk suggested that we should bring our bikes into our rooms [from our car bike rack], since it’s NOT uncommon for bikes to get stolen downtown. We planned on doing this anyways.

About a half a block away from our motel there is a parking garage. They also have “cages” for bikes. When building these cages, they must have forgotten how easy it is to cut the chain link fence!

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Oregon Country Fair – Eugene, OR

I was told that we had to go to the Oregon Country Fair, located in Veneta OR, about 15 minutes from Eugene. The person couldn’t really describe why…just that it was mind blowing, “out there” and we gotta experience it.


The festival was fun. The people watching was unparalleled. It wasn’t as mind blowing as I was lead to believe, but for some reason, seeing people dressed up in costumes and half naked didn’t seem all that “wild” to me. It’s making me ponder where I’ve been that makes me NOT be so taken aback by it all.

Friday seemed to be the day to see great music, and Saturday was the day to just take it all in.


* As I mentioned in this post female breasts are prettier when painted. Forego the face painting and just take your shirt off! The tax free biz to be in is face/body painting. Looked like the artist charged $20 a pop…which took probably 10 minutes of work, AND there always seemed to be a very long line.

* Music everywhere – either buskers or on the many stages

* Many people in costumes.  Renaissance wear is popular or dressed as fairies or fauns. Some guys were only wearing loin cloths.

* NOT as many port-o-lets as I would have thought. They did a fine job of “hiding” the areas with them, but when you went there, there were maybe 15 – 20, NOT 50. It was always a good 10 – 15 minute wait. I could have done with one less t shirt booth, and more port-o-lets!

* Hippies of all shapes and sizes

* Lots of clothing/craft booths. And more expensive than I would have thought. This is hippie-dom after all.

* Parades

* Lots of food booths, especially ethnic food. However, I thought it was expensive.

* Street performers, spoken word artisans, belly dancers, vaudeville performances, stilt walkers abound

* Dusty, however NOT hot. The grounds are in a “forest”, NOT an open field.

* Tickets to be purchased beforehand and are expensive: $20 Friday and Sunday, $23 on Saturday

* Grounds are huge and maze like. Wear comfy shoes.

* You need to be able to tolerate large crowds. Approximately 40,000 people attend the festival.

* NO booze

Traveling dragons

Life size chessboard

An Energy Park

Large sculptures


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Music Everywhere at the Country Fair – Eugene, OR

From buskers to people playing on stage!

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Casey Neill at the Country Fair – Eugene, OR

Casey Neill is my fav NW band. Caught him at the Country Fair and he was great. I still get chills when he sings certain songs. Click here for a hard to hear youtube video of my latest favorite song of his,”All Summer Glory”.

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Dressing Down for the Country Fair

Female breasts look so much better painted!

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Dressing Up for the Country Fair

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The Country Fair Loves a Parade!

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