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Mount St Helens, WA

It’s been 30 years last month since she blew. I was amazed at the devastation still there. I’ve read that the best viewing and best interpretive center is when you enter from the west. However, we were entering the park from the south/east.

Best part: discovering Spirit Lake which raised up over 200’ with debris from the eruption [logs and lava]. We saw the east part of the lake first, and I was confused that this was Spirit Lake, since it looked like it was a dry lake that was filled with volcanic ash. We headed west and stopped to look at the lake again, and come to find out what looked like ash, was actually logs. Part of the lake is still filled with the log debris!

Biggest disappointment: driving the 16 miles down windy highway 99 to the viewpoint that is closest to the crater [5miles]. However, when we got there, one can only see part of the Crater.

Other thoughts:

* Lots of motorcycles.
* It was a very clear day when we were there and could see Mt Adams, Mt Hood and Mt Rainier

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Panther Creek Camp Ground and Water Falls in Carson, WA

Nice, wide apart camp sites in the forest with lots of trees. Great shade on a hot day. Very friendly camp hosts. Highly recommend staying here. However: NO running water.

The camp hosts told us about this waterfall, which is NOT on a map, nor any signs.

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