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Olympic Discovery Trail

While in Sequim, we had a chance encounter with a local cyclist who told us about the Olympic Discovery Trail , which is a 17 mile cycling/walking “rails to trails” path between Sequim and Port Angeles, WA.

We decided to check it out.  We left Sequim and cycled the 17 miles to Port Angeles, had lunch and hung out at the coffee shoppe, and then cycled back.  I had a blast!  The ride was great.  Mostly flat, but several areas with steep hills.  The path winded over covered bridges, along the water of the Straight of Juan de Fuca, thru forests, next to ranches and farms …

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Port Angeles, WA – Twilight Mania…Still

Twilight Mania is still alive and well in Port Angeles.

When I was in the Visitor Center, there was a comment made about the Bella Italia Restaurant [Bella and Edward had their first date at Bella Italia], and I was told that the restaurant is still incredibly busy.  They were happy that the owners have kept their prices down, and have kept up the quality of the food.  The visitor center can’t keep the restaurant flyers on the shelves.  Business cards from the restaurant are stolen/taken and sold on ebay for $10. [I’m hoping the owners flood that market.]

While there, I read in paper that the actor who portrays Jacob’s dad in the films sells his autographs for $20.

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