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The Old Mission Lighthouse

Is about 30 minutes from Traverse City, MI, at the end of the Old Mission Peninsula.  The lighthouse was built to warn ships away from the rocky shoals of Old Mission Point, and was completed in September 1870.  It sits exactly on the 45th parallel, halfway between the equator and the North Pole.  Hmmm…I cross the 45th Parallel on my way from Bend to Portland…the 45th Parallel is everywhere!

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Food: Pasty

Growing up, my mom made pasties [pronounced PASS-tees].  My dad is from the UP [Upper Peninsula of Michigan] where pasties were commonly eaten by workers in the mines.

Pasties originated in Cornwall, UK [some people call them Cornish Pasties]. In essence, it is a pie crust that is filled with meat/potatoes/veggies and then folded over, and baked.  They look like an empanada.

I’ve tried several in the UP and Traverse City, Michigan.  I get the veggie pasty, and even though it sounds blasphemous, I eat it with ketchup.  Tradition.  The best place I’ve found is Cousin Jenny’s, in Traverse City.

Cousin Jenny’s – 129 South Union Street
Traverse City, MI 49684-2519
(231) 941-7821 

NO Website.

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Turtle Creek Casino – Traverse City, MI

I was recently at a party at Turtle Creek Casino, and received a $10 voucher to play at the casino.

I received my plastic Players Card and we headed to 25 cent video poker, which is what Ralph likes to play [usually with a spending limit of $2 a day/time]. 

On our second hand, we got four 5’s and won $12.50!!  I told him to Stop Baby Stop, but unfortunately, we still had $9.75 to play!

All in all, we won $17.50!

NOTE: The 3 yr old casino doesn’t have any NO smoking areas!!  It stunk in there.

NOTE: When first using a machine, it automatically defaults to betting 5.  So…watch out!

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$8 for a Frozen Coffee Drink or Smoothie?

People tend to think that Starbucks is expensive. However, I was in my hometown of Traverse City, Michigan last week in the local coffee shoppe, Espresso Bay, and noticed the outrageous prices! I wonder if they raised their prices for the tourist summer season.

Sizes and PRE tax prices:

Tall [thank you Sbux] = $4.72 Coffee/ $4.48 Smoothie

Grande [thank you Sbux] = $5.43 Coffee/ $4.95 Smoothie

Vastos [Spanish. Why?] = $7.78 Coffee/ $7.78 Smoothie

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