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Mall of America

Neither of us are shoppers, but thought we’d check out the 2nd largest mall in the US.

We took the light rail from downtown for only $1.75 during non peak times, $2.25 during peak times. Took around 45 minutes to get there.

One of the many features in the Mall of America is an indoor amusement park for kids.

There were tons of people there.  Lots of shopping bags being carried. The place is huge…3 floors with the food court on the 4th floor.  It’s so big, some stores have 2 or 3 locations.

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Minnesota Wild Hockey Club

Earlier today I wrote a post on the wimpy U of Minneapolis team mascot Goldy Gopher.

However, the same city [Minneapolis] is the home of the Minnesota Wild Hockey Club which is a professional ice hockey team.

What is the logo?  Per Wikipedia:

The multi-functional primary logo of the “Wild Animal” has been met with both praise and criticism. The logo is an optical illusion that depicts both an environmental landscape and the silhouette of a wild animal.

The questions surrounding the identity of the animal depicted, has sparked debate amongst logo enthusiasts, earning it recognition as one of the best logos in sport according to The Good Point. Some feel as though the form of the animal on the logo is that of a wild cat, while the majority view it to be a bear.

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Goldy Gopher

Goldy Gopher is the mascot for the U of Minnesota’s sports teams. Gophers? How tough is that? The Fighting Gophers? The Wild Gophers? The Flying Gophers?  NO…Goldy Gopher.

What a wimpy name, and to prove it, I just read about Rodent Rage: Prof Punches Gopher Mascot“ from this past March.  Yes, a 60 year old math professor took out the mascot.

Goldy Gopher got a sucker punch smack in the nose above his heartwarming bucktoothed grin.

An annoyed fan [a U of St. Thomas math professor and U of Minnesota alum] socked the fuzzy mascot after tiring of his antics during a men’s gymnastics meet.

The professor said he was trying to watch the gymnastics competition when Goldy sat behind him and teased him for several minutes.

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Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is an 11 acre park near downtown Minneapolis. It is one of the largest urban sculpture gardens in the US.

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Capitol Building of Minnesota

We were there on a Sunday, and unfortunately, the building was closed.

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Minnesota Twins Baseball Statues

All over downtown Minneapolis there are sculptures/statues inspired by the likeness of American League MVP Joe Mauer, which follow the history of Twins baseball.

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Ode to Mary Tyler Moore – Minneapolis

If you’re a woman over 45, you can’t be in Minneapolis without thinking of Mary Tyler Moore and her throwing her hat in the air.  There is now a statue to commemorate this “event”, located downtown at 8th St South & Nicollet.

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Bike Storage in Minneapolis

Check out these bike storage containers!

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Nice Ride – Minneapolis

Nice Ride started up in June 2010 in Minneapolis. We saw lots of people riding their bikes. I think it’s a great way to get around town, run errands and NOT need a car. They have over 60 stations in the downtown area.

Nice Ride is a non-profit organization, and anyone can become a subscriber. Simply take a bike when you need one, and return it to any station when you arrive at your destination. It’s quick, easy and affordable.

The cost to use the Nice Ride system is a combination of your subscription price [1 day, 1 month or 1 year], plus trip fees [FREE for less than 30 minutes, $1.50 next 30 – 60 minutes].

I got a 1 day subscription. The bikes were cheaper than what I was expecting. I suppose I shouldn’t have had high expectations. Bikes are 3 speed.

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Buying “Cheap” Bikes in Minneapolis

We were planning on being in Minnesota for over a week. Minneapolis is one of the top 5 bike friendly cites in the US. Since we were flying and couldn’t bring our bikes, we decided to buy or rent two.

I called around about rentals, and each rental company wanted a couple hundred dollars [each] for a rental! I thought: we might as well just buy a bike, and then donate it before we leave.

We then looked at places that were selling used bikes, and again, they were a couple hundred bucks each. So then I thought we should just go to Target or Walmart, buy their least expensive bikes, and again, donate them in when we leave.

Since we were in Minneapolis, home to Target, we decided to go to Target. We found bikes that were a little over a hundred bucks. Tried them out and were satisfied. We also bought a bike rack to put on our rental car.

Bought the bikes, went to put the bike rack on, and …we had a hatchback car with a spoiler, so the bike rack didn’t fit! We called the manufacturer of the bike rack, and come to find out, they don’t make racks for our type of rental car [that has a spoiler]!

So…we had to return the bikes. Bummer.

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