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Lake Superior Circle Tour – Ontario and Minnesota

Ralph and I drove the Lake Superior Circle Tour – driving the northern perimeter of Lake Superior thru Ontario.  We entered Canada thru Sault Ste Marie Michigan/Ontario, and came back to the states at Pigeon River, Ontario, and then drove to Duluth, MN.

MY THOUGHTS ON ONTARIO: Each town seemed to look alike with boxy, nondescript looking buildings.  Lots of boarded up/abandoned hotels and businesses. Very poor communities. Maybe an A&W or KFC or Chubby Chicken in each town. Can easily count the open businesses on one hand.

None of the towns except Red Rock [half hour from Thunder Bay] take advantage of being near or on the water. Again, with the possible exception of Red Rock, there really were NO towns that could be described as quaint or cute or any reason to go there to have dinner or picnic near the Lake in a pretty setting.  As you’ve picked up by now, I think that the most pleasant town was Red Rock, which just happened to be having a folk festival while we were there.  Unfortunately, we got there just as it ended.

I was surprised that you couldn’t see/view Lake Superior as much as I would have thought.

We obtained the Circle Tour Adventure Guide for Ontario.  Each town wrote up their own summary, I suspect with the help of a very descriptive fiction writer.  The best one was for Manitouwadge.   The write ups all pretty much say the same thing for each town… wonderful Lake activities, hidden gem, special gem, great campsites …  The Guide should really have an unbiased person write up their thoughts for each town.

MY THOUGHTS ON THE MINNESOTA PORTION: Ahh, this is more like it.  Once you enter back into the States, there is more/better access to the Lake. Unfortunately, there were zero passing lanes on the 2 lane road. 

The little towns are on/next to the Lake.  Resorts on the Lake [NOT so keen about this].  We stopped in Grand Marais, MN and really enjoyed that small, cute lakeside tourist town.

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Grand Marais, MN

Grand Marais is a cute, lakeside tourist town.  We had donuts at Worlds Best Donuts, and they were very tasty. It was foggy while we were there and very pretty.

FYI – the “sand” on their beaches are actually small rocks.

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