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Downtown Palm Springs is Dying

There are A LOT of empty boarded up buildings. I suspect the town’s core population is passing away and not enough younger people are moving in. Also, stereotypically Americans like to shop at new places, and I suspect that shoppers are going to the newer shopping centers on the outskirts of downtown, rather than older downtown.

On a weird side note, there’s an unusually high number of fancy steak restaurants downtown.

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Palm Springs Area

Here are some photos of the Palm Springs area.

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Joshua Tree National Park

There are areas of just Joshua Trees.

Areas with giant boulder formations and NO trees. As if out of the blue [NO other boulders nearby except the big pile], someone placed the boulders where they are, strategically on top of each other. If you’re into rock climbing or bouldering, you’d love it here.

And areas with both…Joshua Trees and the big pile of boulders.

FYI – There is a $15 entrance fee!

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Street Signs in the Palm Springs Area


In the Palm Spings/Palm Desert area, it all looks the same.  There is one little town after the other…and the stores/businesses just go on and on.  They all look alike: Beige stucco. Luckily, someone had the foresight to color code the street signs. All signs for a town are the same color plus they state the name of the town.

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Winds So Strong It Will Knock A Train Over


When I was in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area, I noticed that near a highway we were on, there were TWO rows, next to each other, of non indigenous trees [sorry, it’s nearly impossible to tell by the photo].

Why in the world would there be a need to plant 2 rows of non-native trees near each other?  Come to find out, the trees were planted as wind protection along the railroad line [there is a railroad line between the 2 rows].

Hmm…this would be a great area for a wind farm.

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San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm Near Palm Springs


Over 3,200 turbines were built in the 80s.

There is a street sign stating that you can’t stop/park along the highway…due to the high winds.  So, I guess they built the turbines in the right spot!

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My First Thoughts of Palm Springs, CA

VERY much older gentlemen with younger women. We’re talking men in their 80’s and women in their 40’s, maybe early 50’s.

Palm Springs Airport. After you’ve gotten off your plane and are walking out of the airport, “suddenly” you walk into an open air courtyard.  At which I was thinking “Whoa!”, and the man behind me verbalized the exact same thought!  He too had never been here before. Very impressive first impression.

Everyone seems to drive fancy cars/SUVs. No beaters.

If you are a worker bee person, you are a minority. If you are over 50, you are Anglo. 

There seems to be a huge, obvious divide between the Haves and the Haves NOT.

This is Wall City. Walls around each neighborhood/community.

Several places [hospital, memorial plaza …] are named after Eisenhower.  Why?

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