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How Much to Parasail for 8 Minutes?

$60 for 8 minutes in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho! At first I thought this was some sort of a joke, but Ralph reassured me it was for real.

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Would You Chop Off and Sell Part of Your House?

While cycling around Coeur d’Alene, I saw this beautiful house for sale:

Now see the blue tape on the house about 2′ above the ground? The owner of this house is offering up to chop off the part of his house with the blue tape. This piece of land with the demolished house parts, plus a small parcell of land next door is for sale for $550,000! I should add that it is across the street from the lake.

Here’s another angle. Notice the grey house next door. So, if you did lob off part of the white house for an “empty” lot to build on, it’s still NOT a very big lot!

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Hudson’s Burgers in Coeur d’Alene

While walking around Coeur d’Alene’s downtown, we noticed a line forming outside of Munson’s Hamburgers. Munson’s is now Hudson’s but for some reason the old named awning is still up.

You go to Hudson’s for the nostalgia factor. It’s a NO frills hamburger joint with counter service.

Don’t even bother with the menu. All they serve are hamburgers: single, double, cheese or NO cheese, pickles, onions [sliced in front of you]. The sauces are spicy ketchup, spicy mustard and regular ketchup.

NO fries, NO anything else [except pie].

The place was packed. Cash only.

Since I don’t eat burgers, I can’t tell you if they are tasty or over hyped. I’ve read reviews stating both.

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Prius + 3 Person Bike

While staying at a small locally owned motel [Flamingo Motel. “Best summer in 6 years”] in Coeur d’Alene, we saw that another guest staying there had a Prius, which was hauling a trailer with a Thule and 3 person bike! Talk about eco-friendly people! Ralph talked to the guy, who was a dad and was on vacation with his 2 sons. He said the bike was a 4 person bike that he had re-configured to 3 after he got divorced.

And then the next day, we saw them on the highway…

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Coeur d’Alene, ID

Years ago, I was listening to an unbelievable song by Iris Dement, ”Easy’s Gettin’ Harder Every Day”. Unfortunately, I can’t provide a link to this song, since Iris doesn’t have many videos on YouTube of her singing.

I also looked for another unbelievable song of hers “NO time to cry”. But NO luck with that one either.

When I lived in Houston, my buddy Merrill and I drove to Austin to see a Kasey Chambers show at La Zona Rosa. Her encore was “NO time…”, and I remembered that the drive was worth that song alone. It was outstanding. Here is that sound recording.

Anyway…back to “Easy’s Getting Harder”… in this song, she sings “wish I could run off to Coeur d’Alene”. I had to Google where it was she wanted to go, and wondered “why?” I hadn’t heard of Coeur d’Alene. After all, I was living in Houston, and NOT too familiar with cities in the Northwest.

After living in Bend, I’ve heard nice things about the town.

So, after Moscow was a bust, we high tailed it to Coeur d’Alene to spend the nite.

Upon first arrival, all the wonderful things I had heard seemed to be true. The town sits on Lake Coeur d’Alene and it is really beautiful. There is a bike trail along the lake. NOT all the way around, but 6 miles in one direction.

There is the Centennial Bike Trail… which is a rails to trails path to Spokane… around 40 miles.

There are very few bike racks. No street people. Pretty, but not all that much to do entertainment wise – nothing in the paper re things to do.

Here they have Cinemas NOT movie theaters.

It was cool and rainy on our second day. The town rolled up its streets by 8 pm.

There was a recent Ironman competition in July. The motel owner said the town is all about running and cycling. The trails would make you think so but I didn’t see all that many people out running or cycling.

Biggest disappointment? The city boasts that it has the “world’s longest floating boardwalk that runs 3300’”. We all have a visual of what that may look like. Now put that away and imagine just a boat harbor walkway connecting various lanes of where boats could be moored. Yep it’s just the loop used to get on and off your boat at the dock.

Never did have the Bowl of Soul, which is some sort of chocolaty coffee concoction. We looked in the coffee shoppe and it was packed. Let’s just say if all the street people in town were in one place, it was here.

Saw hardly anyone around even though the hotels were booked up.

Great library. Comfy seats with nice fake fireplace. Great wooden building. Nice outside seating.

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