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Chattanooga, TN

June 9, 2008


A gfriend of mine is in Chattanooga, TN on business today. Chattanooga is relatively on my way, so I stopped to see her.


They have an electric shuttle that takes people from the Chattanooga Choo-Choo to the downtown area.  So, I checked out the Choo-Choo, for free.  The train depot is quite impressive.


The shuttle claims that it leaves every 10 minutes, and it seems that it does.


Last Friday at the D Day museum, I met a group from Chattanooga and they told me I HAD to walk across the pedestrian bridge.  The bridge is downtown and crosses the TN River.  There are shops, bars and restaurants across the river.  I wish I had my bike with me so I could have done this is 15 minutes and not the hour that it took me.  Nothing of note on the other side.  The view of the water was nice.


This time of year is the Riverbend Music Festival.  There is music each nite, except Monday…Monday is when they have “The Strut”.  I couldn’t get anyone to tell me why it’s called The Strut, cuz it doesn’t seem like anyone is strutting.  It started at 5 pm so I walked on over.  It is downtown along MLK ave.


It was a street festival like any place USA.  Food and drink booths, people selling crap [except here was a lot of male hat selling booths – hats for men], there were people preaching on each street, and bunches of cops everywhere.  There were groups of 4 cops on every corner.  And at certain corners, there must have been 12 along with a bunch of vehicles.  I asked if it was safe to be here [my radar always goes off when I see lots of cops hanging out] and they said that last year it got pretty rough after the sun went down.  BUT they weren’t expecting that this year.


Oh, I forgot…there were Obama people EVERYWHERE…and they were all Anglo [about 90% of the crowd was Anglo]. 


I took the shuttle back into downtown and my gfriend and I walked around and had a wonderful dinner.

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