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Roanoke, Virginia

June 11, 2008

I’m in Roanoke…a little more than halfway to Baltimore.   I should be in Baltimore later today, and leave tomorrow/Thursday morning for Michigan – to go to my niece’s wedding celebration.


I am officially staying at the worst motel I have ever stayed at…and I stayed at some dumps while in the NE.  Bottom line: I slept in my car last nite.


I have learned my lesson re staying at the cheapest place in town.  Ahem.


DON’T stay at: Knight’s Inn at 7120 Williamson Road


I have a buddy who has traveled the states for years playing in various bands.  He knows this motel and says: “it’s a sleazy area – crackwhores, pimps, drugdealers etc. – you were probably wise to sleep in the car – probably would have been wiser to sleep in the car somewhere else though”.

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