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Jackson, Mississippi and Laplace, Louisiana

June 5, 2008


Thursday was a travel day for me…I needed to make the long drive [for me] from oxford to outside of New Orleans.  Per mapquest it’s 5+ hours, which means all day to me.  The only highlight of the day was that I stopped in Jackson for a late lunch, and I couldn’t get anyone to serve me.  I think I was the wrong color.


MS rest stops have a sign on the hiway so you know if there is security at the rest stop or not.


I stayed in a dumpy place in Laplace, just outside of New Orleans.  The next morning I could hear the desk person turn away person after person who was calling/coming in to find a room – they were sold out.  I asked her if they were always that busy, or was something going on.  She said that Brad Pitt is shooting a film down the way.

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