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Fairhope, Montgomery and Auburn Alabama and Peachtree City, GA

June 8, 2008


It is Sunday nite and I am south of Atlanta.


I REALLY liked Fairhope, AL.  I wish I could have stayed longer.  I will def come back and stay for a bit.  There are some cabins that are across the road from the water, near the pier.  So, hopefully in the future I can come back and stay there for a bit.


I have had my day to day trip planned out…in my mind.  I awoke this morning out of a dead sleep to realize that TOMORROW is Monday.  I’m off a day.  So…today I need to make some headway.


I spent several hours last nite researching what all I was going to do in Montgomery today…most of which are closed on Sunday.  Apparently they don’t have many tourists who come on the weekend.


I did stop in Montgomery, and did everything there was to do, civil rights wise, that one could do.  Which is pretty much drive around and look at places since nothing was open.  The reason that nothing is open is cuz no one is downtown.  Of course, if things were open, I wonder if there would be people around. 


I pretty much drove around, could stop in the middle of the street, get out and take photos.  There were a couple other cars of what seemed to be tourists, and a few cop cars.


I stopped at the civil rights memorial.  I pulled my car over, and took a photo from my car.  This would have been the perfect setting to get my bike out and cycle around, but it was 101’ outside.  After I took these photos, I was still parked and figuring out what to do next.  The map the tourist office gave me, in my opinion, is a “mirror” of reality.  So, each time I made a turn, I went in the wrong direction.  So, it took me a bit to figure the city out.  It was a good thing it was Sunday with no cars, cuz I could easily make U’s to turn around.


Oh…when I was done figuring out where I was going, I looked up, and there was a security guard standing there watching me.  Goodness, no one around and he’s worried about me.  I’m such a threat.


It was 102’ at 4.30 pm.


I stopped in Auburn.  This too would have been a good opportunity to cycle around.  But again, it was 5.30 pm and 102’.


Auburn’s downtown seemed to be all [what I call] campus corner.  Unsure if other people use that term. All cheap bars and restaurants for the students. 


I had planned on spending the nite in Peachtree City, which is a suburb just south of Atlanta.  While in a doc office in Houston, I saw a financial/$ mag that had their version of the 10 best places to retire. Peachtree City was one of them.


I think I’m in Peachtree City on a 4 lane road that has every imaginable chain store possible.  At a stop light I ask the car next to me if there is a downtown area and where would it be.  They told me “this is it”.


One of the benefits of living here is that they have a lot of “lanes” [green paths] where people can cycle, run, walk…but also drive golf carts around.  The community has a very high % of golf cart licenses.  I do have to admit, that driving a golf cart around to run errands or visit friends would be cool.

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Biloxi and Pascagoula, MS and Mobile and Fairhope, Alabama

June 7, 2008


Saturday morning I had bfast and hung out all morning with my new best friends.  They were headed to Jefferson Davis’ presidential library [in Biloxi].


I stopped at Beau Rivage, with is a fancy casino in Biloxi.  When I lived in Houston, I saw ads for Beau Rivage all the time.  So, I thought I would check it out. 


It is really nice.  I was hungry so thought I would check out the buffet. I thought it was $12, which I didn’t think was too bad, so I thought I would stay.  However, there were several lines, and I was trying to figure out which line to stand in, and more importantly, how long to wait.  I usually don’t wait for food.  I tried to ask someone who worked there, but she was busy, so I asked this guy who was in the front of one of the lines.


He asked if I was paying for the lunch or was it a comp.  I said paying.  He looked at me like I was crazy and said “you are paying cash for lunch?”  Well, not cash-cash…visa.  “You don’t want to do that” and took out a comp ticket and gave it to the woman working.  Not only did he give me a free lunch, but he also told me to go in front of him [and the line].  So…that worked out nicely!


I then decided to give Beau Rivage a buck, since I had a free lunch and all.  So, I found the non smoking penny slots.  And I lost this money faster than thisfast.  Not once did I win any credits. 


I stopped in Pascagoula.  The 2 block downtown was deserted, except for an older man with a mic who was preaching.  Now…who’s he preaching to??  I went to the library, where it was cool to read up on what I was going to do in Mobile.  While I was there I decided to use the computer, which there were several available.  However, I needed to show my driver’s license and proof that I lived at that address – utility bill.  Ahem.


I stopped at the AL tourist office and this really nice little old lady helped me.  She told me the best way into Mobile since it seems the tunnel is backed up [thus I 10 is backed up].


Kevin and Sylvia had told me that I needed to check out Fairhope, which is around Mobile Bay.  So, the tourist woman booked me a room there…on the water.


I got into Mobile, and parked in the visitor center lot.  There is a fort right there.  But the one guard who guards the fort didn’t show up for work, so it was closed.  Then I was going to take the trolley around town, but was told that the trolley guy didn’t feel like working that day…he really doesn’t like working the weekends.


So, I decided I had had my fill of Mobile and head to Fairhope. 


It was 96’.  I must say that driving with the sun beating down on me has already gotten old.  I can’t wait to get up north.


Fairhope is nice and quaint.  Nice downtown area, no chains.  Lots of flowers, cycling trails, beaches, duck pond.  There are benches for people to sit all along the water, and they were filled with people enjoying the sunset.  There is a pier that goes out a ¼ mile into Mobile Bay.  LOTS of activity at nite on the pier… people fishing, or just strolling.  Near the pier is a huge fountain, surrounded by a rose garden.  And people all around.  Very nice.


Oh…when I was at the laundry mat, I was talking to the woman who was the attendant.  We started talking about how expensive [from her point of view] it is to live in Fairhope.  I commented that isn’t Mobile less expensive?  “Some places yes, some no.  But they will drag you out of your own car while you are stopped at a street light.”  And just shook her head as though no way is she living there.

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