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Clarksdale and Oxford, Mississippi

June 4, 2008

I left Clarksdale after I had lunch at Ground Zero, which is the blue venue and restaurant owned by Morgan Freeman and a wealthy Clarksdale man.  I had a fried green tomato sandwich.  It was just ok.  I had heard of fried green tomatoes, but hadn’t eaten one before.  I’ve noticed on the menu in the past few days, there is something called “comeback” sauce.  I’m sure there are readers here who know what this is, but I’ve asked 2 waitresses and both couldn’t really tell me…kind of like 1,000 island…it’s mayo with something in it that makes it red. People seem to eat it on salads and a dressing for salads.  I had it “on the side” and wasn’t keen on it.


At Ground Zero I met Abraham, who is security and a carpenter/maintenance man for GZ.  He said they have 8 hotel rooms above the venue.  He took me up there to see, and they are NICE.  Most are 2 bedroom suites that go for $100.  The one bedroom suite is $75.  The eclectic dump I stayed in was $70.


I headed towards oxford.


I loved oxford.  Loved it so much that I tried to find a place to come back and stay for a few months…before the students come back.  But there doesn’t seem to be any place that will rent to me for 2 or 3 months.  I need to call the university to see if they rent out dorm rooms for the summer.


Oxford has a lively square with a courthouse in the middle.  There were no chain stores. 


Oxford, too, has what I would call really nice houses, and nice yards.  Lots of flowers.  Very green. Hilly.


At dusk, there were lots of people out and about…very lively. I rode my bike around the square and residential neighborhoods for about an hour and saw people in their yards with their kids/dogs, parents strolling their kids, teenagers walking, people on their front porches…people living.  THIS is what was missing from Natchez.


Between that hour and an hour of cycling the next day, I saw probably less than 10 houses for sale.  I didn’t find the poorer part of town [which I did in Natchez].


Oxford is non smoking.


Oxford is the home of William Faulkner.  There is a walking tour of his homes.  I am not familiar with his work, but I gather he used Oxford [under a diff name] as the setting for some of his work.


At nite I walked to Proud Larry’s to listen to some blues.  Of course there were kids in the crowd, but the adults were people that I would like to talk to/get to know.  I met a guy who’s working on a screenplay.  He was just exhausted [and needed to sit down] from his tough day of typing all day and then bowling 5 games with a friend.  Ahem. 

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