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Indianapolis, Indiana

July 2, 2008


I am at a rest stop about an hour north of Indianapolis.  In the shade with a nice breeze.

Just when I thought I was getting “soft” on what I thought of towns…

I drove into Indianapolis.

Oh my.

I lasted an hour there.

Took the downtown exit and am greeted with the ugliest underpass one can imagine…dirty, trash everywhere and street people. 

However, the very next view is this 284’ Monument to Soldiers and Sailors that is further down the street.  Situated very impressively.

There is a roundabout around the monument, and water falls.  Really beautiful, except all the street people hanging out around it.

I read that street parking would be tough to find, but I found a spot where there were actually 2 spots available [so one long spot].  However, there was tattoo’d up young man who was standing in one of the spots and really didn’t want to move.  He had his phone open and just holding onto it.  He wasn’t using it, wasn’t looking at me, wasn’t doing anything, except standing in the spot.  I parked my car maneuvering around him, and he still didn’t move.  I decided that I am the one who needs to move.

Indiana is the only state that I have been to that does NOT have a visitor center soon after you cross its border [when driving on an interstate].  Indianapolis apparently does NOT have a visitor center either.  I did find a number in my travel book, but the person answering must be in need of a holiday.

So…that was nearly that.

I did get out and check out the state capitol [impressive – and it has windows that you can look into the house and senate, which I’m not sure if I’ve seen anywhere else before].  I also walked around the monument.

I went into this old restored church, with beautiful stained glass windows – Christ Church Cathedral, and there was a man playing the organ!  Nice.

Also – the street smelled like urine…and I was walking down a major downtown street…not some side alley.

Per my book, Purdue is here.  I called them up to ask for directions. The woman was really nice, but forewarned me that the campus isn’t very pretty.  She’s right.

I decided to get back on the road and make some headway towards Naperville.  I see that Lafayette is on the way.  Hmmm…isn’t that the home of Purdue?  Per my AAA book, it’s not. But per people at the rest stop, it is.

So, I’m thinking what is in Indianapolis is the medical center branch, and the home campus is in Lafayette.

It looks like it’s going to blow up a storm, so I’m off.


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