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Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Day 2

July 7, 2008


I do really like Sheboygan.  It is a pretty city.  And with these trees with small flowers, it is one fine smelling city!

I easily cycled around for hours, all along the lake, around downtown, around neighborhoods…there is even an expensive resort recently built [$250-300/nt] facing Lake Michigan.  The resort has built a nice trail along the lake, along with Adirondack chairs facing the water/sunset.  They also build an indoor water park.  You know how water parks have the slides, which look like cylinders?  Well, here, they jut out of the sides of the building.  So, imagine a regular building with these cylinders looping out and back in the building.  Took me a bit to realize what it was.

Sheboygan Falls is less than 10 miles from here.  I went to a festival there yesterday.  It was packed!  They had over 100 antique automobiles.

I went to the Indian Mound Burial Ground, which is the middle of a residential neighborhood in Sheboygan.  Between 1,000 – 1,500 yrs ago, the Indians here buried people and shaped the surface in the form of animals.  I have no idea what I thought I would see, but reality was nowhere near what I thought.  The shapes are large – probably 20’ to 30’ long, and it’s just this mound of dirt [duh] with vegetation growing all around.  There is no way the average person would even notice a mound, let alone the shape. They did well in having signs so one can understand and picture it, but there is no way one would even notice this area…you would just walk on by.

Oh, one other offbeat item…in Sheboygan in the main park by the Lake [where the music fest was going on] there is a large memorial to the US Secret War in Laos.  It is circular with 12 panels.  6 of the big panels explain the US involvement, one panel for a map of Laos, and the remaining panels for names.  Unsure why this is here, since I have NOT seen one Laotian [sp?] person here.

Oh…forgot to update you re me and the temperature.  So, I started off cycling again last nite around 7 pm.  I had on a t-shirt, which was all I needed.  I also brought with me a sweater and my fleece jacket.  I knew I’d be out until it was dark.  The temp was 77’.  At around 9 pm I had to put both my sweater and fleece on.  After that [and it’s dark anyways] I headed back to my room cuz I was cold. I looked up to see the temp…73’.  4 degrees!  The difference of 4 degrees is me ok in a t-shirt vs having on 3 layers and cold.

I leave Sheboygan today for Kohler, Manitowoc and then Door County, the [supposed] gem of WI.


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Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Day 1

July 6, 2008


First off, I can’t believe, I friggin can NOT believe that I actually thought I could make it until November without my heating pad.  There was a moment of madness last Saturday when I looked at it and thought…naw, I can make it til November.  It’s day 8 and I’m in need of heat.  When I got in tonite, it was 58’.

I broke out the long pants and fleece around 6 pm.

I’m in Sheboygan, WI, which is on Lake Michigan.  It’s about an hour southeast of Green Bay.  I left today from Naperville IL, stopped in Kenosha WI, and Milwaukee WI

There is Summer Fest in Milwaukee, and I couldn’t find a room.  I suppose that combined with a holiday weekend.  So, I kept going and hoping that I would like Sheboygan.  If not, I would have kept going to Manitowoc.

I liked Sheboygan so stopped and got a cute room in a locally owned hotel, which is on the Sheboygan River that feeds into Lake Michigan.

I walked along the river and had dinner at an Irish pub.  I sat outside.  After I ordered my food, I walked back to my room to change clothes – thus the fleece and long pants.  I thought it was freezing out, but I checked the weather.  It was 70’, feels like 68’.  Brrr.

After dinner I found the really cool coffee shop.  Loved it.  It is also all vegetarian, except they have a ham sandwich on the menu.  Why ham?

I then got ready to ride my bike all around town and all along the Lake Michigan shoreline.  Beautiful.  There’s a red lighthouse.  Seagulls.  Sun setting.  There is a park with a tent and music playing.  I cycled over and asked a woman what was going on. She said: Rick Derringer is playing later tonite!!

On a side note, the guy on stage was by himself playing guitar.  He had recorded music that he sang and played too.  I’ve asked this before, and I’ll ask again…how is this different than karaoke?

I’m jumping ahead, but later, I came back around and looked to see who was on stage, and a man came up and said: Rick is supposed to take the stage at 9 pm.

So apparently women like Rick, and I started to think it was someone else.

Later I was talking to a guy and I said: Isn’t he the guy who was also on General Hospital?  He said, No…that’s Rick Springfield.  Then he had to quickly explain how he knew that…Springfield played a couple years ago.

Rick Derringer sucked.  His big hit is “Hang On Snoopy [Snoopy, hang on]”.  They must have told him that he needed to play for 1 ¼ hours, so then he pretty much just yapped and said things like:  take the state of Washington.  The Kingsmen are from there.  They had a big hit with “Louie, Louie” … and then play a little bit of that.  Take the state of Texas.  ZZ Top is from there.  They had a hit with …

His bass player had on a bandana and dredds down below his butt.  I bet they are sewn into the bandana and he takes it off and puts it on for shows.

Anyway…this town is really pretty.  Lots of parks, the beach, lots of benches to sit and watch the sunset or the water, walking/jogging/cycling trails along the water.  I cycled at least an hour around residential, and came upon block after block after block of nice houses and nice yards.  Where’s the seedy part of town?

I saw a house for sale, so went to get the little brochure re cost.  It’s a 4 BR, 2.5 bath, completely redone, balcony off the BR upstairs, on a nice street.  $130k.  Whoa.

On another block I saw this big, beautiful Victorian home with wonderful wrap around front porch.  Again, 4 BR, 2.5 bath, full done basement, 3 floors, balcony, garage, backyard…on an even nicer street.  $200k.  Of course, I haven’t seen the inside, but without question, from the outside, it’s an incredibly nice looking house.

Saw another big, beautiful Victorian house.  This time 6 BR and all the same nice things…$239k. There is an open house on Sunday, so I’m thinking of going by, just for grins.

Off topic, but the subject of housing.  As I cycled around Lafayette IL I saw new condos built downtown.  Starting price $190k.  In downtown Naperville they have some new condos.  Starting price $900k.

Right next to the park – across the street from the park, and thus Lake Michigan, there is a house for sale.  $105k.  I stopped to talk to the guy who lives next door. He’s sitting outside reading in a tank top.  He’s the one who knew Rick Springfield.  He gave me lots of tips of where to go, what to do. He’s the 3rd person who said the state must see is Door County, and to make Ephraim [sp?] my base and explore from there.  This is the part of WI that to me, looks like the pinky finger sticking out towards MI.

So, so far I’m digging this place…and am well aware that I need fleece and it’s only July 5th.

So, now I’ll get “mean”.

I went back to the music tent.  I noticed this earlier, but now I had more time to take the sights in.  Let’s just say that the townspeople here are NOT very attractive.  Apparently the town can really use a good dentist, and someone to cut hair.  There was a guy here who looked just like Dana Carvey’s character from “Wayne’s World”.  And he wouldn’t stop looking at me.  I couldn’t make eye contact. I was trying to figure out if his hair was for real or not [he dressed up for Derringer].

When I got back to my hotel, I was talking with the lady who checked me in, and commented on the inexpensive housing.  She said: oh, but you wouldn’t want to live here!  Why not?  No jobs.  No culture.  People grow up here and never leave.  They don’t like newcomers. Too many alcoholics and smokers [which I did notice].  People here are mutants – they are inbred.  Have you seen the people who live here?

I did everything I could not to say “now that you mentioned it, YES I have.”

So, if anyone is looking for inexpensive housing, cold weather, and are willing to be the “hot” new kid in town…have I got a place for you!

That said, it’s pretty here…so I’m staying another day.


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