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Even though we live in a “neighborhood”, at the end of an unfinished cul-de-sac, we had NO idea if we would have any kids for Halloween.  We prepared anyways.  I bought candy and candles, and then watched Ralph carve the pumpkins. 


I prepared a big bowl of candy, so that the kids could pick TWO pieces of whatever they wanted.  As a kid, the houses I liked best, were the ones that I got to choose my candy.  So, that’s how I give it out now. 


Then Ralph got out what he calls “toys”.  These toys consists of pencils, little puzzles/games, scary plastic rings, and something that looks like cotton candy, but it really colored spider webs. He thinks kids will go for toys over candy!  Ha.


We ended up getting around 30 – 40 kids, which were way more than we anticipated.  The toys did go over big, in fact there were plenty of kids who yelled back to their parents: They’ve got toys!  Who knew?


Also, there were only two groups of older kids who did NOT have their parents lurking, waiting on the street for them.  Sad.

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Ralph got a unicycle!

This brings the number of pedal powered “vehicles” to….SIX. 

I was excited to try it out, but even at its lowest setting, the seat is way up…so that your feet can’t touch the ground.  So, unsure how one is supposed to learn to balance, when neither of your feet can touch the ground!  Originally, I was thinking I would lower the seat all the way down, and hover my feet until I have balance. But I can’t do that.  I suppose I’ll have to hold onto something to steady myself, and then slowly let go and try to balance.  Making a little headway, but the thought of bending/leaning forward and trying to pedal, well, that freaks me out!!!
We did scope out the park nearby for places/”toys” to hold onto while getting on it and trying to balance.  But then… it’s cold outside…so maybe next spring.  Hee-hee.

There are people here in Bend who mountain bike using their unicycle.

Check out how this kid mounts the unicycle about 47 seconds into the video:

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Snow on October 3rd!

It snowed today!  brrr.

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