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Last week Bend held the US National Cyclocross Championship races, and we’ll host them again next December.  This June, Bend hosts the US National Road Racing Championships. 


I had never heard of cyclocross before moving to Bend.  I was here just a couple of weeks when I went to a slideshow/film/presentation given by Marcel, a Swiss guy who competed in cyclocross a couple of decades ago.


Cyclocross has been popular in Europe, and has recently made its way to the states.  It originally started as an activity for road cyclists to do in the winter, in order to keep in shape. 


Basically, the race consists of many laps on a “short” loop course, which can be on pavement, dirt, sand, grass…   Since the races take place in the winter, they race in snow, rain, and mud.


The course has places where they need to quickly hop off their bike and jump over obstacles, or carry their bike up/down stairs.  They also cycle up and down very steep hills with sharp turns.


It’s really exciting to watch.  I like to stand at the top of the very steep incline and yell [encourage] them to make it up the hill while still on their bike [NOT get off and carry the bike]. 


In the Men’s Elite Finals, the guy who was in first place, ended up falling on the ice, and didn’t place.  I saw another cyclist leave the race cuz he too fell on the ice [lots of people were falling], and broke his handlebars.


What’s the #1 cheer to encourage a rider?


“Go!  Go!  Go!”.  Seriously. 


Also, one must need a cowbell, which I don’t understand how that is supposed to help the rider that you are rooting specifically for, since everyone has them.

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