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Highest Paid Actress in 2009

Per today’s Parade Magazine, guess who was the highest paid actress last year?  She made $30 million for ONE movie.

Click and drag your mouse/cursor below:

Hermione [from Harry Potter – Emma Watson]

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Baby Names

I know I’m probably the only one getting a kick out of the baby names, and even though I said I wouldn’t bring it up each week, I am.

Guess which name was NOT given to a baby born this past week:

A. Theron

B. Deqlyn

C. James

D. Gavriel

E. Oden

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Sunday is PostSecret day.  Check it out…especially if you are under 25.  PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.

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Chips With Ridges

I was at the grocery store doing my weekly potato chip shopping, and noticed that Frito Lay has both Wavy and Ruffles potato chips…BOTH have ridges.  What’s next, the new Frito Lay Washboards?

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Can You Pick the World Class Speed Skater?

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Celebrity Gossip – Matthew Fox

Stefani Talbott claims she had an affair with Matthew Fox while the actor was in Oregon last July.

Bend has its own celebrity mini scandal!  Pick up this weeks In Touch magazine, and you can read that Bend’s part time resident, Matthew Fox, is the latest celebrity to be accused of cheating on his wife with a stripper from Stars Cabaret, here in Bend.  Fox has been married to his wife for 18 years, and has 2 children.  Fox’s rep is denying the allegations.

Nope… haven’t seen him in town.  But yet, I haven’t been to Stars.

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2011 and 2012 Masters Road National Championship

USA Cycling has awarded the 2011 and 2012 Masters Road National Championship to Bend!   We are definitely becoming the hotbed for cycling national championships! 

The racing ends on a Sunday, with Monday being Labor Day, so…start planning your vacation now for:
August 30 – September 4, 2011
August 27 – September 2, 2012

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I met up with a girlfriend today who told me she started crocheting again…making doilies.  Wow…doilies…remember them?  We had them growing up, but I wondered if “kids” nowadays know what a doily is.

I decided to poll my yoga class.  All the women under 25 knew what a doily was, and I remarked that that surprised me.  They told me to ask a guy…most likely a guy wouldn’t know.  The one guy I asked, he didn’t know, but when I explained what it was, he said that that vaguely sounds familiar, now that I told him. 

And isn’t doily a funky word?  I wondered about this, and also how to spell it correctly, and found out that they are named after an early 18th century dry goods dealer on London’s Strand.  Interesting that his name was Doiley, but now the accepted way to spell the word is without the E.

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Olympics – Saturday and Sunday

Olympics on Saturday
Chris Klug will compete in the alpine snowboarding parallel giant slalom.  UPDATE: Klug placed 7th.

Olympics on Sunday
Torin Koos will race in the 50k classic

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Women of American Idol, or an Advert for Footware?

 Do you prefer short, or tall boots?

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