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Floating the River

It must be summer…

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Stuff Banana Booth

At the Saturday Market [in front of the library] and today at The Taste of Bend, we saw the Stuff Banana booth.   A local couple has a patent pending on their food “invention”: They straighten out a banana.  Core it. Then fill the core with nutella, peanut butter or candies.

We had 2 people try it, and both said it was good, but the core was way too big…wayy too much peanut butter/nutella inside, and they couldn’t eat the whole thing.  I personally can’t imagine an instance where there is too much nutella, but that is what I was told.

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Coconut M&Ms?

I know, first I have a post about pretzel M&Ms, and then I have a post about being able to buy coconut milk right alongside soy and cows milk.  Well, today I was at the store and saw…coconut M&Ms!

Coconut must be hot right now.  I bought a bag to test them out.  I was surprised that the center was NOT a white, creamy coconut concoction, but instead, it was chocolate with crunching coconut in it.  Nevertheless, I liked them.

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Coconut Milk

I just saw that you can buy coconut milk at the store, next to the soy and cows milk.





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NEW Kind of M&M’s

I was at the store and saw that M&M’s is now making a kind of M’s where there is pretzel in the middle.  The store only had the huge bag so I didn’t get any [I was anticipating NOT being keen on them].  If I see a smaller bag, I’ll try them out.

UPDATE: We bought a small package of these M’s today.  Ralph “liked them a lot”…NOT too sweet.  That said, I thought they were “just OK”.  There is the standard candy coating shell with the thin layer of chocolate.  I was thinking the middle would be pretzel and chocolate, but the entire middle is pretzel.  Thus, NOT too tasty to me…one was enough for me.

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106′ Outside?

Nope…it must be broken!

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Frozen Yogurt Shop

Family enjoying their frozen yogurt

A self serve frozen yogurt shop opened up in Bend, and like everyone else in town…we went over to check it out.  They currently have 6 flavors:

* Some type of vanilla

* Some type of chocolate [I tasted Cable Car Chocolate, which I didn’t care for…imagine that?]

* Green tea/tart

* A sugar free flavor

* Two other flavors

There are a ton of “toppings” from fruit, various cereals [Fruit Loops…], candy [Gummi pieces…], sprinkles, cocoanut…you get the idea.

The yogurt was tasty, but I thought expensive.  My cup was half filled with NO toppings, and it cost $3.  I noticed I was in the minority re NO toppings.  Just about everyone has toppings [“that’s the fun part”], and you should just see all stuff kids put on…a little bit of everything!  Sheesh.

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Moving Back to California?

Anyone know how many people are moving out of Bend?

I don’t know all that many people and I’ve had two girlfriends in the past three months leave for California.

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Baby Names

Which baby was NOT born recently in the Bend area?

A. Haylo Heidi

B. Jake Reece [In honor of Jake Gyllenhaal dating Reese Witherspoon?]

C. Axyl Welcome

D. AiLene Gracie

E. Kenzo James

F. Cedar Joseph [A boy named Cedar?]

G. Paul Harold

H. Finn Achaius

I. Kinzy Kay

J. Derain Haven



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Toilet Paper Stat

Route 132 in Quebec - Rolls of TP!

I have just read that the average American uses 57 sheets of TP each day.

Think about this.  How many people [men?] and children do you know… and how many sheets they use.  And … still the stat is 57 sheets per person?  Ha.

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