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Wanna Get Sweaty Palms?

If so, then watch this video:  Amazing Parkour

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What Makes Up Your Net Worth?

On average: residential real estate accounts for 32%, individual stocks make up 13%. The balance includes retirement accounts, taxable mutual funds, bank accounts, bonds, and possessions [cars, jewelry…]. 

Source: Americans have tough slog to regain lost wealth [Houston Chronicle online].

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Giant Goldfish

We recently made a day trip thru southern Alberta, Canada.  Besides beautiful scenary, what else is needed?  Giant Goldfish!

Even the border patrol lady commented on how we must REALLY like Giant Goldfish.  I offered her some, but she said she couldn’t take a bribe!  Ha.

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OSU Cascades Campus in Bend

Skiing Magazine named OSU Cascades Campus here in Bend as one of the 12 schools in the country where students can get a degree and ski nearby.

The other schools:

Montana State University [Bozeman]

University of Utah [Salt Lake City]

Western Washington University [Bellingham]

Lewis & Clark University [Portland]

Dartmouth [NH]

University of Colorado [Boulder]

Plymouth State University [Plymouth, NH]

Western State College [Gunnison, CO]

Idaho State University [Pocatello]

Middlebury College [Vermont]

Sierra Nevada College [Incline Village]

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Peanut Butter and Jam M&M’s

While in Canada, I noticed Peanut Butter & Jam M&Ms*. 

These are your typical M&Ms with peanut butter and strawberry jam [and of course, chocolate].  Look closely at this photo…these Ms have speckles!

Ralph liked these.  I thought they were just ok. I would MUCH prefer the peanut butter M&Ms [in the orange bag].

* Peanut Butter & Jelly here in the states

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Erin Cole-Baker at Elk Lake

Every Saturday nite during the summer, there is music at Elk Lake.  We went to the lake a few weeks ago to listen to Erin Cole-Baker.  Nice crowd, beautiful scenery, great music.

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What Happens When You Default on a Student Loan?

I read the below blog by Kevin Depew of Minyanville’s The Daily Feed.  Nice to know that you can run, but you cannot hide from paying what you owe, as least when it comes to student loans!

The Department of Education reported this past week that the national default rate on student loans hit 7%.  For comparison’s sake the overall default rate in 2003 was 4.5%.

What happens when you default on a student loan?

The first thing that happens is you get assessed a wide range of fees for being late and in default on the loan. In addition, collection agencies may charge you a fee to attempt to collect the debt. The DOE will then garnish your wages, up to 15% of your disposable income, unless you have returned to work within 12 months of being laid off or fired. Even then, you can only postpone the inevitable wage garnishment.

Because student loan debt is NOT dischargeable, ever, you can be sued by the DOE to obtain repayment of the loan indefinitely. In most states, the DOE can obtain your property to satisfy the debt, including things such as cars, antiques, bank accounts, even IRS tax refunds.

In other words, once you sign and accept the terms of a student loan, you owe that debt forever. Forever.

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Move to Bend to Avoid Nuclear Fallout?

I was at the coffee shoppe recently,  and overheard two guys next to me discussing why they moved to Bend. These 2 guys recently met…so they each did their own research, and each came to the same conclusion: I need to move my family to Bend, to avoid nuclear fallout.

Yep, they studied military installations/bases, looked at airstream flows, maps … and realized that Bend is one of the few places in the states where they would be “safest” should there be a nuclear war!

They must have looked at this website.

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Ketchup Potato Chips

Recently while in Canada, we finally succumbed and bought some ketchup potato chips.  We both agreed that they didn’t look or taste as we expected.

They are a purple-ish color… NOT ketchup red/pinkish.

The taste?  To quote Ralph: “Pretty unusual flavor. But I guess it is ketchup. I suppose it’s an acquired taste.”  I concurred.  We were happy we bought one of those small individual sized bags and not a bigger one.

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Book: Sh*t My Dad Says

By Justin Halpern.  Against my better judgment, I decided to put this book in my library queue…just to see what the fuss was all about*.  And to my amazement…I liked it!

I had thought that the dad was going to be mean… say mean things to his kid.  But he’s NOT mean….he’s straight forward and def likes his kid.

I would recommend this book.

* Been on the NYT Bestseller list since May.  CBS is supposed to be making a TV show with William Shatner.  I’ve read one place that it will air on Thursdays at 8:30 pm Eastern/7:30 pm Central beginning September 23, 2010.

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