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Sage Advise From My Pilates Instructor

Student: It hurts when I do that [get into a certain position].

Instructor: Then don’t do that.

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The 10 Worst Cities For Finding A Job [Portland is #6]

According to Business Insider:

10. St. Louis: 4.5 job seekers per available job
9. Memphis: 4.53 job seekers per available job
8. Orlando: 4.55 job seekers per available job
7. San Diego: 4.79 job seekers per available job
6. Portland, Oregon: 4.90 job seekers per available job
5. Sacramento, CA: 5.47 job seekers per available job
4. Detroit: 7.05 job seekers per available job
3. Riverside, California: 7.31 job seekers per available job
2. Miami, FL: 8.46 job seekers per available job
1. Las Vegas: 8.86 job seekers per available job

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Just Who The Hell Do You Think You Are? [Video]

Nigel Farage To European Parliament: “The Euro Game Is Up… Just Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?

Watch  here.

Nigel Farage  is a British politician and is the leader of the UK Independence Party.  He is a Member of the European Parliament for South East England.

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Baby Names

NOTE:  Per Wikipedia: The racial makeup of Bend is 93.98% white, 4.61% Hispanic, 0.28% African American, 0.79% Native American, 1.08% Asian, 3.87% other/mixed races.

These babies were recently born in the Bend area:

Lukkas Jaymes                                               Malihai Martin [a boy]

Oz Lo                                                            Teagan Brooke [a girl]

Jaxyn Thomas                                                Avonlea Joy

Takoda Raya [a girl]                                      Phaelyn Jade Alys

Shyann Victoria                                              Okes Dalton

Hudsyn Bella [Mom’s a Twilight fan?]        Josey Clayre [a girl]

Cashtor Roy [a boy]                                       Wanja Saree [a girl]

Amark Janean                                                 London Valkyrie

Justice Delaynie                                              Milo Kora [a girl]

Dazzani Michol [a girl]

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My First Scrabble BINGO

I’ve been playing scrabble on my itouch now for about 6 months.  I finally got my first BINGO [played all 7 letters at one time] for a total of 63 points!

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Book: Is It Just Me?

by Whoopi Goldberg. 

This is a new book on things that are bugging Whoopie … her pet peeves. 

I got it from the library and it took me 2 hours to read.  What a letdown.  I was bored.  Her first rant was about people who drink and drive.  Is there anyone who LIKES drunk drivers?  Next was how nasty politics has [have?] gotten. Really?  That’s it?

I was hoping it would have been wayyy more witty with unique rants.

The only bit I thought was helpful was suggestions for when you are in an “awkward place where you’re sitting thru a friend’s recital, or their improv showcase, or after dinner they drag you into the basement to look at their artwork. Well? What do you think? Be honest.”

The below are handy neutral answers to memorize:



You did it again!

It’s all you.

It’s got you all over it.

How do you do it?

You must be so proud of yourself.

I couldn’t do that.

Nobody but you, nobody but you.

I think you found yourself.

Somebody’s been working.

I’ve never seen/heard anything like this.

I am speechless.

Know what?  I am going to be remembering this moment for a long time.

NOTE: A much better book on rants is Adam Carolla’s In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks.

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Creepy Photo of Liam Neeson

Unsure what’s more freaky:

* Dyed hair

* Toothpick in mouth

* Pasty pancake make up

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15-Story Hotel In Changsha, China Built In Just 6 Days!

 We [as a nation] are competing with this?

Watch the youtube video here.

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Sbux – Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Look at this beverage.  It’s as tasty as it looks!

BEWARE that this is very sweet.  Best NOT to drink first thing in the morning!

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Winter Must Have Buy: Heated Mattress Pad

We bought a heated mattress pad at Costco for about $75.  I think that’s expensive, but I am always cold and Bend has a long cold season. 

I love it!  It is well worth the 75 bucks.

So, if you get cold easily, you need to get this item!  There is also dual control settings, so you can crank your side up all you want without bothering your sleep mate [too much].

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