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Another Stadium Conversion: Heinz Field into a Hockey Field

For the Bridgestone Winter Classic on New Year’s Day.

NHL Facilities Ops Manager Dan Craig constructed the rink with the help of an 11 man crew.   Here’s  a time lapse video from

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Cleveland Indians Turn Progressive Field Into A Winter Theme Park

Check out what the Cleveland Indians have done to their baseball field!

Looking for new ways to generate revenue, Indians [who finished dead last in attendance in 2010] converted their baseball field into a winter theme park which features a 10 lane tubing hill, and a quarter-mile ice skating track.

The park is expected to draw 60,000 people from Nov. 26 through Jan. 2.  Unsure why it closes so early in the winter season.

Tickets to Snow Days range from $5 to $25.

Progressive Field is owned by the city and operated by the Gateway Economic Development Corp.  The Indians pay a fixed rent and keep all stadium revenues. If they can find a way in the future to make a profit on their winter festival, it is all theirs.

The Indians expect to take a loss this year, but are optimistic that revenue will be better in future years.  Indians President Mark Shapiro said a “half-dozen” MLB clubs have visited Progressive Field to see how the operation is run.

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Book – Love, Lust & Faking It

By Jenny McCarthy.

I’ll pick up just about anything from the library.  This proves it.

This is a non funny book of some random, scatterbrained thoughts and stories of her life.  It can be read in 2 hours.

* She mentions that she only has sex with the lights out.  She mentions this several times, and after a bit it made me think that maybe she’s serious.  Could this possibly be true?

* She got breast implants when she was 19 from a cut rate doctor.  Why so cheap?  He doesn’t use anesthesia!  Then she goes back to the same doctor for a touch up!  She says that the first pair of implants were too big [the doc put in bigger ones than what she asked for], and that she has all these stretch marks. 

* She blossomed up to 211# when preggers, so now the rest of her body is covered with stretch marks.  If true, I suppose she’s glad there’s air brushing of photos!

* SPOILER ALERT – she has a whole chapter on Brad Pitt and how they hooked up.  Then, in the last paragraph of the chapter, she tells us it’s all a joke.  Why was this needed?

* She has several chapters filled with interview transcriptions.  What’s up with that? My guess is they are just filler…to get to 240 pages which must be what she was paid to “write”.

* She has a chapter of astrological signs that she got from a website [although I did find out that my astrological sign is most compatible with Ralph’s].

* She has a chapter of “Sex facts” and also nick names for man junk and lady parts.

* There is an entire chapter for “Songs to do the nasty to”. There is no funny banter about the songs, just a list of song titles.

* She likes to let us know she’s friends with Chelsea Handler

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Guess How Much to Buy a Ghost Town in Latvia?

A Russian investor paid $3.1 million for a ghost town (of 10+ years), which consists of more than 70 run down buildings. Hmmm… I wonder if this guy wants to buy a condo in Baltimore? 

NO, it’s NOT on/near any water or any place “beautiful”.  It’s the former town of a Soviet-era radar station that housed around 5,000 during the Cold War, but was abandoned after the Russian military withdrew from Latvia following the Soviet collapse.

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Book – I Know I Am, But What Are You?

By The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee.  I picked this book up at the library and was initially put off by the title, but thought I’d check it out anyways.

She had a very unconventional upbringing and I kept waiting for her to write at the end that it was all a joke…ha ha, fooled you!. But she didn’t.

There were more than a few times were I was laughing until I cried. Upon reflection, unsure what exactly caught my funny bone, but it sure did.  Maybe that we are about the same age [and female], so I could really relate to the humor of her stories.

If you’re a woman around 50, I recommend reading this book!

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Helmets While Sledding?

I was just watching the local news and apparently now there are parents who think their kids need to wear helmets while they sled!  Goodness, how in the world did I survive childhood?




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Fly Frontier Airlines and Get Cookies!

I flew Frontier Airlines for the first time and was pleasantly surprised that mid flight they give out warm choc chip cookies!

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New Cars – VZJQX in the Name

I recently read a car review in the paper for Toyota’s Venza. That got me thinking about new cars with a VZJQX in the name…

Juke [Nissan]
Evoque [Range Rover]
Flex [Ford]
Volt [Chevy]
Enclave [Buick]
Quest [Nissan]
Cruze [Chevy]
Zoe [Renault]
Vitara [Suzuki]
Cadenza [Kia]
Equus [Hyundai]

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George Costanza’s Back in a Comedy TV Show

Jason Alexander [Seinfeld] will be back on TV for an hour long [!] comedy show.

The show will be about: “a former TV star who’s down on his luck and winds up joining his ex-wife’s detective agency. Once there, the character reinvents himself as an investigator with a penchant for disguise.”

I bet it doesn’t last a season.

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Cyclocross Photos – Sunday

Here are some photos from the Men’s Elite Race. There were 3 racers who “bunny hopped” over the obstacles. 3rd Place Jeremy Powers did this, but I didn’t get a good photo of him doing it.

The Winner - Todd Wells

2nd Place - Bend's Ryan Trebon

Bunny Hop Over the Obstacles!

Fan Trevor Sure Cheered the Riders On

NO, He Didn't Stop to Talk to the Pretty Woman

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