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Unique Cold Preventions

I was reading this article on Business Insider about cold preventions, and they had some suggestions that I hadn’t heard of before. 

NOTE: a 2007 clinical trial found little to no benefit in taking Vitamin C for cold prevention.
  • Keep an air ionizer by your desk. This will purify air from dust particles and bacteria, keeping you healthier overall.
  • Spoil yourself with a sauna.  A 1989 study in Germany found that people who steamed twice a week got half as many colds as those who didn’t. The theory is that when you take a sauna you inhale air hotter than 80 degrees, a temperature too hot for cold and flu viruses to survive.
  • Load up on Dannon. Studies show that eating a cup of low-fat yogurt each day reduces your susceptibility to colds by 25%. Experts think the bacteria in yogurt stimulates production of immune system substances that fight disease.
  • Keep geranium on your desk. The leaves of the plant emit phytoncides that kill airborne  bacteria. When you feel like sneeze coming, tear a leaf off the plant and rub it between your fingers to release more phytoncides. Inhale a pleasant odor for a moment instead of sneezing all over your workspace.

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Book: Life by Keith Richards

Quick…what word does he use to describe a woman or women?

Bitch or bitches.

I read the NYT’s review when this book first came out and the author said it was an “electrifying new memoir”, so I got it from the library.

I found it boring. Maybe I’ve read too many musician/celebrity/groupie autobiographies, but to me, this was ho hum reading. Knocked it out in a day pages (550).

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Clearwater Beach, FL

There must have been a storm the day before because there was a lot of seaweed, sponges, crabs, shells, shrimp… washed up on the beach when we were there.

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Novice Scrabble Players

I like playing Scrabble [Words With Friends] on my itouch. I play against random opponents. 

One can place the initial word in any direction, as long as one letter is on the center star.  If you have a 5 letter word, it is best to place the first letter on the center star and go in any direction.  The fifth tile is a DW tile – you will receive DOUBLE the word score.

I’ve played people who’ve put down a 5 letter word, but didn’t start in the center, so didn’t receive the double score.  That’s a clue it’ll be a long game.

However, what happens MUCH more often is that the person will put down a 4 letter word with the first letter on the star.  Which means, that depending upon the word, all I have to do is add on an S, D, R …and I’ve got the double word points, PLUS I build a new word!

I would say that of the people who put down a 4 letter word, 80% set me up to add one letter to get double points.

In the photo example, my opponent played “SIRE” for 4 points.  As you can see, I added an N and then made the word “HORN” and got 26 points!

I just had to show the other example of someone setting me up for an easy TW – triple the word score.  My opponent played “QUIET” for 17 points.  I added an S and then made the word “SLUB” and got 99 points!

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How Much Luggage Do You Need For a Week?

This is all that Ralph needed to bring for a week’s trip to Florida!

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Sunset in Clearwater, FL

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Chandelier at Pioneer Place Shopping Center – Downtown Portland, OR

Check out the cool chandelier at Pioneer Place.  The [lobby] light reflections in the balls caught my eye!

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Mellencamp’s Always Sucking On a Cigarette

John Mellencamp has been in the gossip news of late [dating Meg Ryan]. Each time I see a photo of him, he’s got a cigarette in his mouth. Ugh.

He’s NOT smoking here, but I just had to post this photo of his hair!




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Metal Detector People at the Beach


Why does it seem that there is always someone at the beach with a metal detector?  I wonder how many items of value they find, or is it more of a hobby/something to do each day?

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Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa

I was recently in Tampa and visited Lettuce Lake Park.  Even though it was mid to late December, it was pretty cool.  Check out the photos!

Lettuce Lake Park
6920 E Fletcher Avenue
Location: Fletcher Avenue at Hillsborough River (just west of Interstate 75)
Telephone:  (813) 987-6204

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