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Any BMWs in Bend?

I was recently in Palm Springs and car wise, it reminded me of living in Houston, where it seems EVERYONE has a nice car.  Mercedes, BMW, Lexus …

That got me thinking…does anyone in Bend have a BMW?  Seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one.

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My First Thoughts of Palm Springs, CA

VERY much older gentlemen with younger women. We’re talking men in their 80’s and women in their 40’s, maybe early 50’s.

Palm Springs Airport. After you’ve gotten off your plane and are walking out of the airport, “suddenly” you walk into an open air courtyard.  At which I was thinking “Whoa!”, and the man behind me verbalized the exact same thought!  He too had never been here before. Very impressive first impression.

Everyone seems to drive fancy cars/SUVs. No beaters.

If you are a worker bee person, you are a minority. If you are over 50, you are Anglo. 

There seems to be a huge, obvious divide between the Haves and the Haves NOT.

This is Wall City. Walls around each neighborhood/community.

Several places [hospital, memorial plaza …] are named after Eisenhower.  Why?

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It Snowed!

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Investment Strategy: Only Hold Stocks on the First Day of the Month – FEB

The S&P has reported about an investor who had invested only on the first day of the each month since the year 2000, and outperformed a “Buy and Hold” portfolio by 68%.

The S&P report found that if someone invested $10,000 in the S&P 500 on Dec. 31, 1999, and left the money there until Dec. 1, 2010, they would have just $8,209. HOWEVER, an investor who was in the market only on the first day of every month over the same time period [buying at the close on Dec. 31 and selling at the close of the first trading day in January] would have $13,816.

February – The market was way up on Feb 1st as compared to January 31st.  For 2 months now, if you had followed this strategy, you would have made money.

January – If someone bought just about any stock on Friday [Dec 31st] and sold by the close of today, they would be up…wayyy up.

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