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Rootbeer Float or Creamsicle Oreos??

Nabisco is making Limited Edition Creamsicle Golden Oreos [only available at Walmart].

Yuck.  Is there really a market for people who want orangey Oreos? 

Call me old fashioned in my cookie choices, but I’ll take Double Stuf Oreos any time, over any other cookie choice.

The Creamsicle is for a limited time, however, you can vote here, for the next [I guess permanent] ice creamed flavored Oreo: Rootbeer Float, Rainbow Sherbet, Chocolate Cherry or Creamsicle.

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Photo: ex IMF Sleaze Meets the Obamas

Check out this photo, which I’ve read is from the first time lecherous Dominique Strauss-Kahn met the Obamas. I found it hilarious, Ralph didn’t see the humor.

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Yesterday it hailed.

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Calories On The Menu

When I was recently in California, I noticed that restaurants have calories on their menu.  Starting this past January 1st, it’s the law in California for restaurant chains with 20 or more outlets to include calorie counts for each food item on all menus, and on menu boards above the front counter.

I wonder if posting this info changes anyone’s attitude re what they want to order.  I remember several years ago when I was working Corporate America, a colleague was going to eat one of those “small” cans of Pringles potato chips, along with her sandwich.  I read the back of the Pringles can to see how many calories, and was shocked at how high the number was [don’t remember now].  I told her the amount of calories, and she ended up NOT eating the entire can.  Well, at least in that sitting.  Ha.

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Fresh & Easy Grocery Stores Don’t Want to Hire Clerks

Recently I was in a Fresh & Easy grocery store in another city.  There were NO check out clerks …it was all self check out.   

I asked the manager why it’s only self check out.

It’s NOT self check out, its ASSISTED check out.

What’s the difference?

Here, you are never alone AND there is never a wait.

No wait?  What happens if 15 people show up at once (like in any grocery store) and there are 8 assisted check out stations? I would say then there’s a wait (like in any grocery store).

I guess it’s just a way to cut down on wages and keep people from having a job.

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Street Signs in the Palm Springs Area


In the Palm Spings/Palm Desert area, it all looks the same.  There is one little town after the other…and the stores/businesses just go on and on.  They all look alike: Beige stucco. Luckily, someone had the foresight to color code the street signs. All signs for a town are the same color plus they state the name of the town.

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Do You Have Enough?

I recently read an anecdote about Joseph Heller, the author of “Catch-22”:

He was at a party in the Hamptons. Someone pointed out to him a big hedge fund guy and said, “last year that guy made more money than you’ve made from all your books combined.”

Heller said, “but I have one thing he will never have.”

The guy said, “what’s that?”

Heller said, “enough.”

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Book – Hoda: How I Survived War Zones, Bad Hair, Cancer, and Kathie Lee

By Hoda Kotb.

I was seeing what’s on TV at 11 am, and come to find out Kathie Lee Gifford is back on TV – in the 4th hour of the Today Show.  Who knew they had 4 hours?  Is this needed?  Apparently so.  I had never watched Kathie Lee when she was on with Regis, but I like her.  A lot.

Her colleague is Hoda.  Hoda wrote a book, so I thought I’d check it out from the library.  What I learned:

* Jokes that people don’t know how to pronounce her last name, but then doesn’t tell us how to pronounce it. 

* She had a whole section on her hair.  I skipped this part.

* Apparently the first name of Hoda is VERY common in Egypt. Yell “Hi Hoda” on a street and 12 women will turn.  Hoda Kotb is like Jane Smith here in the states.  However, I had to laugh, maybe here in the states in the 70’s or 80’s, but now it would be Emma, Bella … Smith.

* She got her first TV gig by interviewing with the news director in Richmond.  He looked at her tape for 2 minutes, said she’s NOT ready for his station.  But said he had a buddy who might be interested in her [in another city hours away].  So, she got in her car and drove hours to her next interview.  that news director  looked at her tape for 2 minutes, said she’s NOT ready… but said he had a buddy who might be interested in her [in another city hours away].  She spent 10 days in her car driving around the southeast going from station to station [sleeping in her car].  She went to 27 stations.  She ended up getting lost in Greenville, MS [home to ex colleague Jempy] and stopped to ask for directions/get a map.  On her way to a gas station, she drove by a TV station and decided to stop in for an interview.  She got that job!  Persistence paid off.  I love this story.  On a side note, I was driving thru Mississippi almost 3 years ago and wanted to stop in Greenville for lunch, but they didn’t have a Downtown/City Center sign/exit on the highway, do I didn’t stop.

* when she first traveled to the Middle East on assignment with NBC News, she caused “havoc” at times for inappropriateness in what she wore.  Unsure if I’m more surprised that NO one at NBC told her what the appropriate dress is in Middle Eastern countries, or that she spend each summer growing up in Egypt and didn’t know this.

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Winds So Strong It Will Knock A Train Over


When I was in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area, I noticed that near a highway we were on, there were TWO rows, next to each other, of non indigenous trees [sorry, it’s nearly impossible to tell by the photo].

Why in the world would there be a need to plant 2 rows of non-native trees near each other?  Come to find out, the trees were planted as wind protection along the railroad line [there is a railroad line between the 2 rows].

Hmm…this would be a great area for a wind farm.

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San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm Near Palm Springs


Over 3,200 turbines were built in the 80s.

There is a street sign stating that you can’t stop/park along the highway…due to the high winds.  So, I guess they built the turbines in the right spot!

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