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Cinnamon and Cherry Cordial M&M’s

I was at Target and saw that they had these 2 new types of M’s. I bought a bag of both.

How are they? Yuck. Both kinds. I’m giving them to Ralph to take to school and maybe his colleagues or students won’t be picky and will eat them.

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Book Review: Boomerang

By Michael Lewis.

I really enjoyed reading Lewis’ The Big Short, and had a hard time putting it down.

So, I was really excited to read his latest, Boomerang, which discusses the financial mess in Iceland, Greece, and Ireland, what’s going on in Germany, and then muni bonds possible default here in the states.

Lewis does a great job explaining how Iceland got into their financial mess, but doesn’t discuss the how and why they decided NOT to bail out their banks, the repercussions of this decision and how they’ve recovered. Does he think this was the correct move?

The lazy Greek lifestyle will make you pissy, but then you can just look around at lazy Americans who don’t want to work and want the government to pay for everything, and realize that laziness runs amok.

By the time you get to how Ireland crashed and burned by greedy bankers, you’re just irritated.

The Germany and US chapters were boring. And the book seems to end suddenly when he’s mid story.

I suggest reading the first 2 chapters to find out:

* Why Alcoa had to pay “cold hard cash” to a government expert to get rid of and certify that there were no elves on or under an Icelandic plant site. This took 6 months, cuz it was very tricky.

* Why each and every Icelander feels special.

* Another reason to be irritated with Goldman Sachs and how they “engaged in a series of apparently legal but nonetheless repellent deals designed to hide the true level of Greek indebtedness.” GS allegedly made $300 million in fees.

* How 2 monks spun “an ancient deed to a worthless lake” into somewhere between $1 – 2 billion from the government of Greece.

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Black Friday Violence Only at Walmarts?

I was reading an article stating various violent acts that happened on Black Friday, and they were all at Walmarts? Why is this?

* At an LA Walmart, a woman used pepper spray on others
* At a Muskegon, MI Walmart, a teenager was knocked down and stepped on
* In upstate NY, a fight broke out in a Walmart
* At a Kissimmee, FL Walmart there was a scuffle at the jewelry counter

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Congrats to Mountain View Football!

For the first time ever, a Bend football team is going to the state finals! Good luck next Saturday at 5.30 pm.

UPDATE: Mountain View did indeed win the state championship!

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Is a Dog a Requirement to Cross Country Ski?

Yesterday we hiked to Tumalo Falls. We passed several people/groups cross country skiing. Just about every group had at least one dog…which made me ponder: Do I need a dog to cross country ski? Ha.

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Hiking to Tumalo Falls and Creek

Tumalo Falls is a 15 minute drive from Bend. Then a 2.5 mile hike [the road is closed]. Really pretty.


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Must Need Cold Weather Item: Towel/Clothes Warmer

Last year I wrote about the heated mattress pad I bought at Costco. Still loving it.

A week ago I bought a Towel Spa. I’m wimpy in the cold weather, and even though I line dry my clothes, wash the dishes by hand…, during the cold weather I will put the clothes that I am about to wear in the dryer to warm up before putting them on. I had also longed for a warm towel when getting out of the shower.

I did some research, and decided against the towel warmers that have the heated bars, since the towel/clothes only gets warm where it touches the bar. Instead, I went with the Towel Spa, which is a container with lid. You can put whatever you want in, and it warms up in 5 MINUTES!

I LOVE it!!

I found it’s best to loosely put your items in the container, then brush your teeth or do something else for a few minutes. Then before you get in the shower, open up the top and re-jigger everything, so there is a better distribution of warmth.

You can get it online and I’m sure at lots of department stores, but I got mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond. $64 using one of their 20% coupons.

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First snow of the year!

Gray Cat is outside exploring.

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Isn’t Love Grand ? !

Today is my 3 year anniversary of meeting Ralph.  To all my single friends:  DON’T settle!

He’s out there and sooner or later, he’ll find you.  In the meantime, lead a fulfilling life.

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Music: The White Buffalo – Monday Night at The Horned Hand. 8 pm.

The Horned Hand
Monday, November 14 at 8:00pm [NO opener]
507 NW Colorado Ave., Bend, OR 97701

Check out this unbelievable song.

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