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FREE Cookie Tomorrow at Subway

In celebration of Leap Day, Subway is giving out a FREE cookie, with purchase.

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Old Lady in our Back Yard?

We have a cairn in our back yard. Check it out when it snows … it looks like an old lady!

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Justin Bieber or Hilary Swank as Brandon Teena

From Boys Don’t Cry.

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Cool Underwater Photos of Dogs

Check out Seth Casteel’s site for more photos.

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Zydeco Band in Need of…Everything

I saw this ad in the back of The Source. Zydeco band in need of accordion player, 2 guitar players, female vocalist, fiddler and keyboard player! I suppose this is a washboard player in need of a band. And then she wants people to audition!? A better headline is : Washboard Player Looking for Any Gig.

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Investment Strategy: Only Hold Stocks on the First Day of the Month – February

Definitely made money: 5
Made NO money: 6
Depends upon when bought/sold: 1

Definitely made money: 2
Made NO money: 0
Depends upon when bought/sold: 0

Starting in January 2011, I started tracking the trading strategy of being in stocks only on the first day of the each month, and if this method outperforms a “Buy and Hold” strategy.

Background: The S&P reported that if someone invested $10,000 in the S&P 500 on Dec. 31, 1999, and left the money there until Dec. 1, 2010, they would have just $8,209. HOWEVER, an investor who was in the market only on the first day of every month over the same time period [buying at the close on Dec. 31 and selling at the close of the first trading day in January] would have $13,816.

FEB – Definitely would have made money.

JAN – Definitely would have made money.

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