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Day Glo Lacrosse Balls?

Went to my first lacrosse game. I think it’d be much more fun [for spectators] if the ball was a bright Day Glo color!

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Book: Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search for Bin Laden–from 9/11 to Abbottabad

By Peter Bergen.

Excellent Book. I highly recommend stopping whatever you are doing and going to wherever it is that you get your reading material, and get this book. It’s only 260 pages, and reads like a novel. You feel as if you are there.

The only part I’ll comment on is the part that I got a hearty laugh.

Background: There was a dog, Cairo, that was part of the SEAL team that landed to raid Osama’s compound. Cairo wears body armor and was there to track anyone trying to escape from the compound, and was also there to discourage inquisitive neighbors from getting too close.

Soon after the raid was over, Obama met with the SEAL team et al.

“The president asked to see Cairo, the dog that had accompanied the SEALs on the raid. The SEAL team commander warned the president: “Well, sir, I strongly advise you to have a treat, because this is a tough dog, you know.” Cairo was presented to Obama, although a presidential petting was discouraged and the dog was wearing a muzzle.”

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Do You Make it to The Park Very Often?

I was helping an older gentlemen [he fought in the Korean War] yesterday at the grocery store. Afterwards, we were talking and I found out that he lives part of the year in Bozeman. I told him that my husband and I want to explore Montana and go to Bozeman. He then asked if I “make it to the park very often”.

Me: puzzled look. “Drake Park??” [The park that is in downtown Bend.]

NO. Yellowstone.

I’ve learned that San Francisco isn’t San Francisco or San Fran, it’s The City. Now, I’ve learned that Yellowstone isn’t Yellowstone, it’s The Park [at least for people who live nearby]. Ha.

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John Cusack or The Joker?

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How Many of the Top 5 Most Popular Baby Girls Names End With an A?

According to a list just released by the Social Security Administration, how many of the top 5 most popular baby girls names end with an A?



All 5.

1. Sophia

2. Isabella

3. Emma

4. Olivia

5. Ava

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Matthew Fox or the Target Dog?


Or Insurance Salesman?

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Investment Strategy: Only Hold Stocks on the First Day of the Month – May

Definitely made money: 5
Made NO money: 6
Depends upon when bought/sold: 1

Definitely made money: 4
Made NO money: 0
Depends upon when bought/sold: 1

Starting in January 2011, I started tracking the trading strategy of being in stocks only on the first day of the each month, and if this method outperforms a “Buy and Hold” strategy.

Background: The S&P reported that if someone invested $10,000 in the S&P 500 on Dec. 31, 1999, and left the money there until Dec. 1, 2010, they would have just $8,209. HOWEVER, an investor who was in the market only on the first day of every month over the same time period [buying at the close on Dec. 31 and selling at the close of the first trading day in January] would have $13,816.

May – Would have made money.

APRIL – Would have made money.

MARCH – Depends upon when bought/sold. If you bought at the close on Feb 29 and sold at the close of March 1st, you would have made some money.

FEB – Definitely would have made money.

JAN – Definitely would have made money.

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