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Heading North

We will soon be leaving the land of super crowded Tim Hortons, poutine and GIANT goldfish crackers.

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Sun Worshippers

This afternoon we went to listen to music in the park, and since I’m anti-sun, I’m covered head to toe, including my hands. On the way, I stopped and watched the floaters who can’t seem to get enough sun.

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Snow on Black Crater [OR]

Attempted to hike Black Crater but got snowed out! Black Crater is in the Cascades, but it’s only 7,000′. Not til we got home and I looked it up, did I find out that there’s usually snow until late summer.

Wasn't expecting any snow.

Wasn’t expecting any snow.

Then lost the trail due to all snow!

Then lost the trail due to all snow!

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Book: Wife 22

By Melanie Gideon.

I had read a good book review for this book, so I thought I’d check it out [from the library], esp to read the twist ending.

My recommendation: Don’t waste your time.

The main character is middle aged woman who has been married for over 20 years, but lately finds herself wondering about many things – her children, her health, her job … but most notably her relationship with her husband. They seem to be drifting apart.

When the opportunity to make some money by participating in an anonymous email marriage survey appears in her inbox, she decides to participate. For anonymity’s sake, she is labeled as Wife 22 and paired with Researcher 101. She thus pours her heart and dreams out to Researcher 101.


Before I even started reading this book, I just knew that Researcher 101 would be her hubby, so I read the ending first, cuz I didn’t want to waste my time if the twist was sooo obvious. And guess what? Yep, it is her hubby. Duh! The author even references that “Pina Colada Song”.

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Salt Creek Falls [OR]

On July 4th we went to Salt Creek Falls, which is the 2nd highest waterfall in Oregon. I have on a long sleeve base layer, t shirt and fleeced jacket.

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Investment Strategy: Only Hold Stocks on the First Day of the Month – July

Definitely made money: 5
Made NO money: 6
Depends upon when bought/sold: 1

Made money: 5
Made NO money: 1
Depends upon when bought/sold: 1

Starting in January 2011, I started tracking the trading strategy of being in stocks only on the first day of the each month, and if this method outperforms a “Buy and Hold” strategy.

Background: The S&P reported that if someone invested $10,000 in the S&P 500 on Dec. 31, 1999, and left the money there until Dec. 1, 2010, they would have just $8,209. HOWEVER, an investor who was in the market only on the first day of every month over the same time period [buying at the close on Dec. 31 and selling at the close of the first trading day in January] would have $13,816.

JULY – The market was flat. Technically, one would have made some money if they bought at the close on June 29th and sold on July 2nd. NOT much money, but you would have made money.

JUNE – Unless you happened to buy at the low on May 31, and sold at the high on June 1st, you would NOT have made any money.

May – Would have made money.

APRIL – Would have made money.

MARCH – Depends upon when bought/sold. If you bought at the close on Feb 29 and sold at the close of March 1st, you would have made some money.

FEB – Definitely would have made money.

JAN – Definitely would have made money.

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Book: Shawn Colvin’s Autobiography “Diamond in the Rough”

I had been a fan of Shawn Colvin years before her bit hit, Sunny Came Home, which I thought was subpar from her earlier songs, but good for her to finally get some recognition.

I was pretty excited to read her autobiography that was just published. After I finished reading the book, I realized that I don’t like her very much. The book is about her love life [how men have done her wrong], what she wore, her constant depression, her summer of anorexia, her alcoholism [AA at 28] and… oh ya … her music career.

The book was actually “just OK” until near the end, where she goes on and on getting catty re small arguments with ex hubbies or boyfriends and the “revenge” she took on them (one ex she put cat shit in his new shoes). Too bad she’s NOT a class act and just let it lie.

I really don’t recommend the book, but it is a super fast read [small book with 220 pages].

What I learned:
* She talks A LOT about clothes and fashion. She remembers what she wore at gigs and events. Funny, how she is all into fashion and designer wear, and I always thought she had a cheap sense of style and just assumed she couldn’t afford anything better than thrift shop clothing.

* Lots of depression talk and what drug(s) she is taking.

* Took one year to make her first album Steady On. She and the producer reviewed every syllable of every word she sang.

* When appearing on shows such as Letterman and Leno, it takes all day for sound and camera blocking. Who Knew?

* Joni Mitchell’s ex hubby, Larry Klein is disgusting, or as Shawn puts it: he has a thoroughly sick sense of humor. . Extremely blue jokes, prank calls, immature behavior … “Uh, Shawny-Shawn-Shawn, uh, what would you do if, right now, I shat, pissed, came, sneezed, puked, laughed, and cried, all at the same time, what would you do?”. Joni Mitchell married this guy?

* She does explain the “meanings” behind each song.

* Unsure if she has recently quit or not, but she references [as little as a few years ago] that she smokes 2 packs of Marlboro reds each day. Hmmm…I wonder if she quit while preggers and how much she smokes around her daughter.

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