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I Passed Out While Giving Blood

That’ll show me for trying to do good!

I have been told by a doc friend, that this is really hard to do. I found it easy.

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“Should I register you as a female?”

I am giving blood for the first time in a long time, and was asked this question.

I had to ask him to repeat the question. Twice. He said they have to go thru lots of training and ask questions exactly as they have been taught. This is the Red Cross.

Ralph gives blood all the time and said they ask him to confirm that he is a “caucasian male”.

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Arches NP


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Life Is Good

Back on the road from visiting my in laws in Tampa. As we’re leaving Albuquerque, turned the radio on for he first time ever. Jack and Diane came on, and we both started singing along.

On way to Durango/Ouray/Montrose, Colorado then over to Moab/Arches, Utah.

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Segway Tour

Went on a Segway tour today for the first time. Wished I had taken Dramamine beforehand. Had NO idea I would get dizzy from the motion, especially staying in one spot listening to the tour guide.

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Another Case of Small World

I’m at the International Balloon Fest in Albuquerque. We are camping in a huge undeveloped lot across the street (ish) from the launch area. Packed in with big rigs. Yesterday’s check in was a huge cluster F…one would think they have this figured out. But it all worked out. They have a bus shuttle system that is working way better than imagined. The launch this morning was fab. Will post photos when I get back home.

Tonite was the balloon glow at twilight. Very soon after we arrived I ran into Mansour, a man I worked with when I first started at Enron – who helped train me. He’s retiring next Friday and came out to the NM field (work offices) one last time. Him and his wife were only attending the balloon glow.

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Meteor Crater

Near Winslow, AZ (“Take it Easy” by the Eagles). I couldn’t zoom out enough on my Mini to take it all in. Can fit 20 football fields at the bottom. Also featured in “Star Man”, for those of you over 40.
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Small World

Since we couldn’t go to Zion, we decided to head towards Sedona. On the way we drove several hours thru quintessential Southwest landscape, which was spectacular. When we arrived in Flagstaff around 7 pm, we decided to get a room at a cheap hotel. While checking in, a couple with 4 kids came in behind us. Later, at dinner they showed up and sat next to us. They are from Nova Scotia. He sold his construction biz and they are traveling the states. They were headed to the Grand Canyon, but since its closed, they too were headed to Sedona. The next morning at bfast in the hotel lobby, there they were.

This morning, as we’re packing up our camp site in Sedona, they come over. Come to find out, they were right next to us. The sites are far apart and I never saw them last nite.

There are at least a dozen campsites around Sedona. This one had 82 sites. What are the odds that they would be next to us?

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Bryce National Park

Hoodoo’s at Bryce National Park. At the last minute we decided to camp inside the park at the one campground (as compared to the many outside the park), so that we are inside when the park closes today – govt shutdown – and make them kick us out. Worked out great…nearly had the place to ourselves.

American english is the minority language spoken by visitors here. Today, in saying hi to people or overhearing them talk, have not heard it once. Everyone has a camera and the very few who don’t, are with someone with one.

We planned on going to Zion NP today, but since its closed, will meander to Sedona. We are on our way to the hot air balloon fest in Albuquerque this weekend.
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