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Hardly anyone yesterday at Yosemite. Unsure if it’s due to late Nov, or that we just happened to be there on a Thursday (which was Thanksgiving).

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Scamping in Big Sur

Here is a photo of our view as we scamped up the side of a mountain in Big Sur. I could hear sea lions honking during most of the nite.

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Chumash Casino [Calif]

Went to Chumash Casino up in the mountains near Santa Ynez (Wine and Arabian Horses). I’ve been to a lot of casinos, but have never been to one more packed than this one. There were grown men playing kitty cat slot machines. I suspect cuz those were the only ones available. As we were getting our membership card (FREE play), we asked why they are so busy and she said they were actually slower than usual. Later in the evening they give away a Cadillac.

There were NO craps tables, and they use a Wheel of Fortune flapper to pick a card at the roulette table. Using balls is illegal in Calif. Also, there aren’t any video blackjack or poker machines.

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After leaving Death Valley on our way to the coast we went to Tehachapi to look at the 4600 wind turbines. As we meandered to Ojai, we went thru Solar City (huge solar farms), then Citrus City and then Ranch City. The drive to Ojai was beautiful but the “spiritual, artsy, peace loving” town, was too Audi SUV with crystals hanging from their rear views for me. Movin’ on.

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Rain in Death Valley

We were in Death Valley for 3 days and it was cool and rainy. I thought this place was supposed to be very dry and warm? There goes seeing all the stars in the Death Valley sky. But the sound of the rain coming down on our camper van was bliss. There was an indescribable not so pleasant smell that must come out due to the rain (wasn’t here when we visited Dec 2011). Photos when I get home.

day 1. It rains 2″/year. It rained 26 hours straight.

Day 2. Visit Scotty’s Castle and Ubehebe Crater. Rained on and off today. Cold.

Day 3. The Park Service closed roads either due to flooding or snow. We dealt with Plan B and then decided to stay one more day at Panamint Valley “Resort”, where there was gas ($5.98), a general store (big bag of Doritos for $13), restaurant (Greek salad for $17), dingy motel rooms ($85-125), and campsites for only $7.50 (including shower). And…beautiful scenery. There were several very friendly older people, all with jeeps camping near us. They sure seemed to be enjoying their retirement!

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Book: Hatching Twitter

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By Nick Bilton. Highly recomm the first half if you like these types of books, or are geeky. The second half is filled with whiney-ness, back stabbing and excellent programmers/dreamers, but incompetent at running a company, especially a start up.

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North Central Nevada

Photo doesn’t do this justice. First the sky was all pinkish, then blue-ish, then both.
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Google Car

Was just out in my driveway putting away trash cans when the Google car drove by. Where’s my lipstick?! Attached is a photo of a Google car I saw on a ferry in BC last year. [Car was empty, which prompted me to stroll all over the ferry to try to figure out who the driver was. He was easy to pick out.]

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