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How Big is a Cord of Wood?

Shows what we know about the size of a cord of wood. We built 2 wood racks, turns out we needed 8! We have A LOT of wood, and getting biomass wood later this week. All of our neighbors have come by asking questions, and one just stopped the installer guy [who’s putting it in right now] with questions. Maybe we’ll start a trend!

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We Are Getting a Wood Stove!

We are getting a wood stove installed on Monday! Over the WE we are getting 2.5 cords of wood delivered, which means today is the day to figure out where to put all the wood and build wood racks. I guess my exercise today and tomorrow will be lots of bending over/crouching down, picking up and then putting down wood. Sounds like some joke.

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Today it was sunny and at least 50′. Was out working in the yard and on my bike without a jacket. Felt like spring. However, it still gets dark around 4 pm.

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BOOK: Trading Secrets. REMINDER Friday December 13th

20 Hard and Fast Rules to Help You Beat the Stock Market
By Simon Thompson.

Friday the 13th – applies only to Germany, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Japan, Spain, Norway, Sweden and UK (Unsure why in just these countries and not others).

Historically, Fridays produce better returns than any other day of the week. Studies have shown that for the markets in the above countries, returns on Fridays on the 13th were significantly higher compared to other Fridays (in some cases, 10 times greater).

No one can come up with a good explanation, but the data samples have been substantial and cover a long period of time (going back to 1935).

The play? Buy an index fund shortly before the close of trading on Thursday and sell before close on Friday.

Even though this doesn’t seem to apply to the US markets, we have two in 2013: In September and tomorrow.

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