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Band: The Rum and The Sea

Going to see a band tonite – The Rum and The Sea. They are described as: A five piece pirate folk band that takes audiences on voyages, exploring everything from heart breaking loneliness to the struggles of being in love with a roller derby queen.

Saw them, and I liked them.

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My Garden

Spent 4.5 hours preparing and planting seeds in our raised bed garden. A baby Aspen started growing in there and decided to keep it. I then rewarded myself with a DQ ice cream cone, dipped in cherry, of course.


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Door To Door Kirby Salesperson

I was out in my front yard and the door to door Kirby vacuum salespeople came by. Said you can only buy a Kirby via a door to door salesperson – they have NO store front and can’t buy online. I’m seriously shocked that this business model is still in existence and I guess still working…for now.

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Where’d you get those thighs?

Is what I said to the young, chubby woman in my barre class. She held the wall sit for 14 minutes! Actually, she could have gone longer, but they just stopped her after 14 [I did 4]. She said she’s Hawaiian and it’s from years of dancing the hula. Who Knew?

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