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Cape Blanco, OR

Even though we couldn’t see the ocean which was 50 yds away due to the fog, we made the brilliant decision to go to Cape Blanco, which is the western most point of the lower 48. This is the view. We did hike to a lower elevation and got some pretty beach photos.

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Gold Beach, OR

Last nite was like a typhoon, today just light rain. This is the Myers Creek area, just south of the town of a Gold Beach.

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We’re Out Of Gas?

We had excitement even before arriving at the hotel. We were so used to our camper van making beeps and warning notes when we were mildly low on fuel. Current vehicle …ah, NOT so much. NO beep and then warned us when extremely low, and the towns aren’t close together. Good thing for AAA so we didn’t have to walk 6 miles in a downpour!

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Spring Break on the Coast

Soon heading to the southern Oregon coast for spring break to hike and walk on the beaches. I’m bringing 5 books…Eisenhower, McCartney, professional skiing, tidying up/uncluttering ones life, and the witness protection program. Also going to meet up with someone who I used to work with when I was in the wind biz.

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Bend’s Hot Housing Market

I’ve been hearing/reading that Bend’s housing market is red hot again. Our neighbor put their house up for sale and got 3 offers in 6 hours. Anyone else seeing this kind of activity? Wondering if it’s everywhere, or just here.

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Container Peas

I’m planting container peas and potatoes for the first time this year. These peas finally came up, after 5 weeks! I planted them too early. Need to wait til April for the potatoes. I have 15 packets of seeds for my raised beds. I’m ready!
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