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Slide The City

Slide The City is a company that travels around the US and sets up a 1000′ water slide on a hill. They were in Bend today.

First off, it’s expensive:
$16 one time [$30 on day of]
$36 to go 3 times [$50]
$58 all day [$72]
So, the best deal is all day, but I think that is still expensive. NOTE: that even with these outrageous prices, they are wanting volunteers to work the event [and I couldn’t find anything that states that volunteers get to slide for FREE afterwards].

Ralph and I decided to check it out (NO sliding). Someone messed up in choosing the date – Sept 5th. It was a cool day. Last year, my MIL was here and it was so cool we made a fire in our woodstove.

Even though they set up at the base of a Baby Mountain, the angle just wasn’t very steep. They posted people in the slide along the way to push people down. So, either due to lack of enough water [there seemed minimal] or angle, the sliders just weren’t making it down the slide. All around: Lame.

I stopped two 12 yo boys and asked if they were having fun, and they said Yes! But, I think they probably would have fun with anything water related.

There weren’t many people sliding when we were there, so I suspect they lost money. I think if they charged way less, more people would have participated.

Can you see the worker, standing, getting ready to give these guys a push?

Can you see the worker, standing, getting ready to give these guys a push?


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Can’t seem to get a good clear photo. This quarter + size spider has been living outside our living room for a week. Comes out at night. Really pretty spider web.

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