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Still Trying to Hike to Tillamook Head

After we got water proof shoes, we went for a hike. Between Cannon Beach and Seaside is a cliff called Tillamook Head, which you can get to from either side. This is the hike where we stopped was coming from the Ecola SP/Cannon Beach side. We attempted this hike yesterday, but it was VERY muddy and wet, so decided to turn around.

After we got our shoes, we started from the Seaside side. We were on it for a bit and I realized that I hadn’t look at the map and was unsure how long it would take. Ralph said he thought about 3.5 miles! This was right after we ate a big mexican lunch, and didn’t have any water with us!

The shoes worked great in keeping our feet dry, but it was very muddy and slippery. There was even a landslide that we “bush wacked ” thru, and other places where we were bush wacking-ish.

About 3.5 miles in, Ralph wonders if we will know it when we see it [the point], and we still don’t see “it” at 4 miles.

It was all trees, NO clearing/view. We go a little further, and realize that there must NOT be any “marker” or anything acknowledging the point, so we turned around.

When we get back to the trailhead and map, I see that the point is about 4.2 miles! Oh well. We did have a Blizzard after the hike.

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Hikes in Ecola State Park (Cannon Beach, OR)

At the main viewing area, the views are great, but it is super windy, cool and rainy. Part of the trail is closed, so there isn’t much of a hike/walking around.

We decided to take the several mile hike to Tillamook Head and see the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse. This is also the path that Clark walked when told of a huge beached whale, that he couldn’t believe how big it was, so wanted to see for himself. There were lots of parts where is was very muddy and slippery, and then there were parts where it was VERY muddy and slippery…which, to me, means that I had to put my hand down someplace in order NOT to fall. I guess these parts were where there were steep inclines/declines. Then, we got to an area where it was washed out/landslide, and couldn’t cross. So, we turned around.

Then, we decided to walk down this asphalt road to Indian Beach. It was blocked off for cars, and we just assumed that it is usually blocked off during winter months. However, near the beach was a place where the road had sunk about 4′, making it impossible for cars to travel on it. The road was 1.5 miles and steep. Coming back up this is what ate our lunch.

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Bob Lefsetz Says

This primary season is not about nominating candidates, but giving the establishment the middle finger.

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Paul’s Fatty Cat


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Hiking Pilot Butte

About 2 miles from home is Pilot Butte, which is an extinct volcano/cinder cone. Hiking the spiral path to the top [500′] gives a great 360′ view of mountains in all directions. I have a personal goal of hiking this 100 times this year. Today was Day 3.

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The Furminator

Has anyone heard of the Furminator brush for cats and dogs? It’s a metal comb with tapered grooves that removes hair and reduces shedding. It really works. Ralph used it on Gray Cat and hair was coming off and flying everywhere. Next time we’ll do it outside. (My glasses are for scale.)

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Black Cat With Her Cat Bib On

Black Cat always looks so sad whenever I put the Cat Bib on her. I get lulled into thinking she likes to go outside to smell things, or chase flies/bugs invisible to humans…and then she freaks me out and comes to the slider with a bird. (Of course it doesn’t help that we feed the birds.). The Cat Bib definitely works, and she’s entertaining to watch trying to walk with it on.

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Beets in My Brownies?

Ralph is reading about healthy cookies/protein bar recipes. He mentions Red Velvet Brownies. What makes them red? Lots of beets! Sounds nasty.

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LinkedIn Obsession?

Yesterday I decided to update something on LinkedIn, which took me to a page which stated something like “you may know these people”. I clicked on 3 or 4. Today, one of the people sent me an invite to connect. I looked at my “who’s viewed my profile”, and 3 of the people have viewed me back. In just one day! Question: Do people check out the “who’s viewed my profile” daily to see who’s reading about them? Isn’t this kinda strange?

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Iced Coffee

I’m sure I’m late to the iced coffee party. I had thought it was just regular brewed coffee that is poured over ice. But it’s really supposed to be strong, cold brewed coffee. Cold brewing makes the coffee less acidic/bitter tasting. Then you add in ice, sweet condensed milk, and a splash of half & half/Silk/Almond milk. I will be cold brewing some tonite and will try in the morning.

Cold Brewing: Put water and coffee in a container, shake, let set for at least 8 hours, then pour thru a regular coffee filter to remove the grounds. Various recipes call for 3 parts water/coffee ratio, I’ll use 4 or 5 parts and go from there.

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