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Making The Bed

When I make our bed after laundry, without looking, I just grab one corner of the fitted sheet, knowing that I have a 50-50 chance of being correct in putting it on. Yet, it seems that 100% of the time I’m wrong. Anyone else do this?

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Running In Place

Was out listening to music. The singer was bouncy and lifted each leg to the beat, which made him look like he was slowly, running in place. Gotta admire someone who incorporates their exercise routine into their job! Ha.

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I’m Gone

The bluegrass band from TN introduced their next song “I’m Gone”. Said that last nite was their first ever gig in “this state”, and they were immediately corrected on how to pronounce the name of “this state”…it’s NOT ory-gone.

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Bike Flat

Got out of yoga today and realized my bike had a flat. I’ve really lucked out that I haven’t had a flat while riding…every time I’ve noticed them is when I’m about to get on, and see the flat. It always makes me wonder how long it’s been flat, cuz surely I’d notice if it happened while riding. Right?

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Film: All That Jazz

Just watched “All That Jazz” on the treadmill. Hadn’t seen it in decades, but think it has held up well over the years. Really enjoyed it (still). I’m now primed to start reading the 600 pg “Fosse”.

Paraphrasing Fosse to the Angel of Death:
Every single day I’ve F’d around on my wife or girlfriend (or both), I drink too much, smoke too much, pop too many pills. I’m a workaholic, who lies every chance I get. NOT very attractive, huh?

Death: Quite the contrary.

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Sounds Like What?

Was watching the local morning news on TV, which I normally don’t do. They had a segment on some strange noise that occurred in the middle of the night in Vermont. Unsure how that made the news here, but anyways…the lady that they interviewed said the weird, scary sound was like someone had turned a refrigerator over on its side. Who Knows what that sounds like?

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How To Eat A Kiwi

I just read that the way you’re “supposed to” eat a kiwi is like a peach … just bite into it. Besides all the vitamins/nutrition in the skin, the skin is supposed to be super tasty. I love kiwis, but have to say, eating it like that never occurred to me, and it’s also kinda freaky to me. I like nectarines over peaches cuz of the fuzz factor. Has anyone eaten one like this?

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Gingers Are Taking Over!

While watching tv, I noticed that gingers are now very popular in commercials. Check it out. I bet you can’t watch 3 commercials without seeing one.

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It Snowed Off and On All Day Today

I think I might have killed what I planted in my raised beds.


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Book: Graham Nash’s Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life

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After being disappointed with Linda Ronstadt’s book, I read reviews that Nash’s book is a fab read on the Laurel Canyon 70s music scene, and it didn’t disappoint. Highly recommend.

If you only have 15 minutes, read how Suite: Judy Blue Eyes came about. Then go to YouTube and search for the 8.38 minute live version. My fav comment that is spot on:

0:16 – Nash is barefoot and already on ten
4:45 – Stills becomes possessed
7:27 – Crosby gains movement below the neck

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