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Ralph’s Salmon Dinner

He cooks it in a caste iron pan on high heat.


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This Answers the Question of Who Still Uses a Phone Book

Phone book publisher Dex Media has filed for bankruptcy protection after reaching a restructuring deal with creditors. The Chapter 11 announcement marks the fifth time in seven years the firm or its predecessors have found themselves in a bankruptcy court as yellow-pages companies struggle with the move of advertisers to the Internet.

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Is Ralph With the Band?

As we picked a table to sit outside at a restaurant, the waitress asked Ralph if he was in the band (who were setting up). In other parts of the country people ask him all the time, I suspect cuz of his longer hair. Here, he looks like other guys in town.

After a bit we see the band members, and they are all gingers, with beards. Ralph would have fit in with them!

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Scary Stuff

Sony is developing a pair of intelligent contact lenses. The tech nerds are calling them “smart eyes,” and they’re supposed to measure a person’s blink, wink, and tilt of the eye to figure out when to record, save and delete video. Sony’s contacts include a camera, a wireless processing component and a storage unit, and differ from Samsung’s smart lenses patented earlier this month, which rely on a smartphone.

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