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Our CSA Was a Bust

CSA = Community Supported Agriculture

In our weekly goody bag, we either got veggies that I’m already long, because I’m growing in my garden (potatoes, carrots, greens/lettuce), or veggies I don’t care for (eggplant, garlic, lots of onions). But now and then we got something we don’t have, and like, but this was the quality:


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Kitties Can Sleep Anywhere

As I’m cleaning our deck and re-arranging the furniture, it sure doesn’t take long for our kitties to find a new place to rack out.


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P&P Without Colin Firth?

My convo with Ralph
(Background: I don’t like anything zombie related, not at all. Yuck.)

R: I just got a Red Box code for a free movie

J: great. Anything interesting?

R looking at the list. They have P&P and Zombies. I can get that.

J: zombies? You know I don’t like that.

R: well, it is P&P.

J: pondering, leaning towards getting it. WAIT. Is it free or do you have to pay 25 cents?

R: pay 25 cents.

J: nope. Not worth it.

Then we both had a hardy laugh at the ridiculous-ness of me not wanting to spend a quarter. Now, if they made it with cute puppies or kittie cats…

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Anchorage Airport at 11.20 pm


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Hatcher’s Pass [45 minutes NE of Anchorage]








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