Must Need Cold Weather Item: Towel/Clothes Warmer

Last year I wrote about the heated mattress pad I bought at Costco. Still loving it.

A week ago I bought a Towel Spa. I’m wimpy in the cold weather, and even though I line dry my clothes, wash the dishes by hand…, during the cold weather I will put the clothes that I am about to wear in the dryer to warm up before putting them on. I had also longed for a warm towel when getting out of the shower.

I did some research, and decided against the towel warmers that have the heated bars, since the towel/clothes only gets warm where it touches the bar. Instead, I went with the Towel Spa, which is a container with lid. You can put whatever you want in, and it warms up in 5 MINUTES!

I LOVE it!!

I found it’s best to loosely put your items in the container, then brush your teeth or do something else for a few minutes. Then before you get in the shower, open up the top and re-jigger everything, so there is a better distribution of warmth.

You can get it online and I’m sure at lots of department stores, but I got mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond. $64 using one of their 20% coupons.

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