About Joan

If you are looking for Joan Quick who grew up in Traverse City, who went to the University of Oklahoma, worked at SEDCO, Enron, Zilkha Renewable and Constellation…that’s me!  I am now living in Bend, Oregon.

Email me at joan@joanquick.com and let’s re-connect!

These writings are my travel adventures.  I tried to write them as close to real time as possible, so that my thoughts and feelings were raw…and I did NOT edit.

July – October 2006                Explore the NE states, Quebec and Nova Scotia

December 2006                       Panama City, Panama

June 2007 – January 2008       New York City

June 2008                               Houston to Baltimore

June 2008                               Fairbanks, Alaska

June 2008 – September 2008  Baltimore to Washington/Oregon via Canada

From September 2008 to Now, this blog is about shorter travel adventures, my life and thoughts while living in “My life is better than your vacation” – Bend, OR.