Crossing the Canadian Border Back Into the States

I was telling Ralph that one time when I was in Maine and driving north to cross the border into Quebec. I was on this deserted 2 lane road. NO other cars. NO houses. NO towns. NO businesses. Just nature and a river. I was surprised that there wasn’t any signs letting me know that the border is 10 miles away, 5 miles away… The first sign I saw was that the border was a half mile away.

We were on the highway from Thunder Bay, Ontario heading towards the US border at Pigeon River. Here they gave us 500m notice!

Again, since I have troubles crossing the border, we had decided beforehand that Ralph would do all the talking.

We got the third degree from the initial border police guy. He seemed “friendly” in asking us a lot of questions. My favorite exchange?

Border Guy: When does your drivers license expire?
Ralph: I don’t know… the renewal date is on the front.
Border Guy: This seems like a really old license, since you look REALLY young in the photo.
Ralph: I still look really young! You wouldn’t guess that I’m 37 … would you??
Border Guy laughs.

They had us pull over for more questions and to inspect the car… “due to us having a rental car”. Riggght.

We proceeded to the very cold office while they asked us more of the same questions. They seemed real interested in Ralph being a professor and what he taught.

We were inside, so I couldn’t tell how much of the car they inspected, but it didn’t seem like much when we returned to the car. They never asked us what all we bought [“anything to declare?”].

They soon let us enter the states.

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